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Panasonic GX7 camera


  • a very nice Micro Four Thirds system camera announced Aug 2013
  • looks to have almost everything an enthusiast photographer could want in such a compact camera, although it will be a little pricey but much cheaper than the Olympus OM-D E-M1
  • the main annoyances are:
    • the protruding EVF is not as good as the latest in the Olympus OM-D E-M1, but at least it has a built in EVF!
    • sensor based IS does not work in movie mode
    • sensor based IS does not work with lenses with optical IS - if you turn OIS off, you don't get the option of turning sensor based IS on.
    • sensor based IS not as effective as the Olympus 5-axis system
    • no autoISO in manual exposure mode
    • no weatherproofing


  • 16mp sensor with 10% improved colour saturation and light sensitivity and 25% improved signal-noise ratio
  • ISO 200-25,600 (ISO 125 in extended mode)
  • -4 EV AF capability
  • 4.2fps burst with AF
  • 9fps with single AF
  • 40fps in electronic shutter mode
  • 22 creative filters
  • HDR
  • panoramic mode
  • new Monochrome Filter (Ye/Or/R/G) PhotoStyle for more expressive monochrome photography
  • compact magnesium body with in-camera image stabilisation (a 1st for Panasonic)
  • built-in tiltable 2.3M dot field sequential LCD EVF with 0.7x magnification but rather short 17.5mm eyepoint which may be an issue for those wearing glasses
  • 3“ tiltable LCD touch screen
  • front and rear control dials
  • +/- 5EV exp. compensation
  • 240fps AF-control interface with lens
  • 3 level focus peaking
  • improved Pinpoint AF allows users to set magnification from 3x to 10x enlargement in 0.1x steps
  • PIP focusing allows up to 10x zoom to assist MF
  • One-shot AF can be used in MF mode just by pressing the AF lock button
  • 1080/60p/50p/24p HD video
    • 28Mbps at 50/60p in MP4 or AVCHD - so it is pretty good but not up to GH-3 quality
    • 24Mbps at 24p AVCHD
    • PASM exposure control
    • stereo mic but no external mic input
  • shutter speed to 1/8000th sec
  • 1/320th flash sync
  • pop-up flash plus hot shoe
  • WiFi plus NFC for control by smartphone
  • impressive silent electronic shutter mode
  • eye detection sensor sensitivity adjustment
  • nice MF/AF switch
  • 4 rear Fn buttons
  • 402g 122.6 x 70.7 high x 43.3mm deep
  • price £819/$US1100/$A1249 body only makes it a little bit more expensive than the Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera


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