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architectural photography - buildings, interior, real estate


  • photography of buildings is a very specialised area of photography with its own very demanding OCD requirements, particularly with respect the the need for perfectly straight and level lines

Camera gear

  • this type of photography generally has a very strict emphasis on straight lines and lines parallel to the image frame, so for this to work well for you, you generally need:
      • this should be perfectly corrected optically with barrel or pin-cushion distortion
    • a geared tripod head to make fine adjustments to the angles to ensure your camera is perfectly level
      • eg. Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head
  • if you are shooting interiors, you often need to back your camera up against a wall or corner to get the shot
    • a camera with a swivel out, rotating rear LCD screen becomes your life saver for composing these images and negates the need to get behind the camera
      • even better if you can remotely control the camera and see the composition etc remotely on your smartphone as with most modern digitals - this allows you to be out of the frame in these tight corners without having to resort to the self-timer
  • a high resolution camera with excellent dynamic range helps for those high contrast scenes
  • remotely fired strobes
    • especially for interior work and potentially for those typical flattering, aesthetic, blue hour real estate shots
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