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tethering your Olympus camera to a computer using Olympus Capture


why tether to a computer?

  • as an immediate image transfer system:
    • professionals often tether to a computer in a studio setting as it allows:
      • a 3rd party (assistant or perhaps a client) to check that the image taken is of adequate quality in almost real time so it can be re-taken if need be
      • a 2nd physical backup of the image file almost immediately
  • as a wired remote control system (eg. for astrophotography or macrophotography):
    • as it is a wired connection, it will not drain the camera battery as fast as WiFi remote control
    • reduces camera shake by avoiding need to touch the camera
    • it can be used in the field for macrophotography:
      • some set up a small laptop or slate like a Surface Pro on one end of a horizontal tripod attachment while the camera is mounted on the other end
      • improved visualisation of focus accuracy and depth
      • ability to more accurately select focus points for focus stacking
    • however, note that the current version does not allow exposure bracketing remote control

demonstration on Youtube videos

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