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Olympus mZD 100-400mm f/5-6.3 OIS lens


  • announced July 2020
  • 35mm longer and 140g heavier than the similar Panasonic Leica DG 100-400mm ASPH f/4-6.3 lens which starts at f/4 not f/5 but it is $US300 cheaper it will be interesting to see how they compare optically but reports suggest the Olympus is sharper and it has the advantage that you can use the teleconverters with it
  • 20mm shorter and 150g lighter than the Olympus mZD 300mm f/4 PRO lens which could get to 420mm f/5.6 with the MC14 and has a better OIS, a MF clutch, presumably better optics but is less versatile without any zoom.
  • bokeh shows significant onion-ring appearance so avoid out of focus specular highlights if bokeh is important


  • 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 (200-800mm in 35mm full frame terms)
  • 21 elements in 15 groups (2 super HR, 4 HR lens, 4 ED lenses)
  • 9 rounded aperture blades
  • close focus 1.3m giving 0.57x magnification
  • no MF clutch
  • 72mm filter
  • IPX1 Rated weathersealed - same dustproof and splashproof performance as the M.Zuiko PRO lens series
  • 3EV IS image stabiliser BUT 5-Axis Sync IS is NOT supported
  • OIS on/off switch (when OFF, uses camera's IBIS if this is on)
  • zoom locking switch can lock at only 100mm focal length
  • focus limiter 1.3m-6m and 6m to infinity
  • tripod mount
  • 206mm long, extends on zooming by 60mm
  • 83mm / 3.3in diameter
  • 1120g w/o tripod adapter
  • $US1499
  • compatible with focus stacking
  • compatible with M.Zuiko Digital 1.4x Teleconverter MC-14 or the M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter MC-20
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