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Canon 1DX Mark III


  • announced Jan 2020
  • improved sensor
  • improved AF - 28 times more resolution in optical mode, deep learning AF algorithms, low light capability
  • much improved video
  • slightly faster burst rates with 5x larger buffer and now CFExpress card support
  • improved battery life
  • now has built-in WiFi
  • slightly lighter but otherwise same size
  • 1st stills camera to do 5.5K 60p RAW (albeit without AF)
  • 1st stills camera to do full frame 10bit 4K 60p with no crop from a full pixel readout (albeit without AF)


  • weather sealed sports pro dSLR
  • new 20mp sensor
  • ISO 100-51,200 (50-409,600)
  • shutter 30secs - 1/8000th sec with x-sync 1/250th sec
  • same optical viewfinder specs (0.76x magnification, 20mm eye relief) as mark I and II
  • all-new 191-point AF system (155 cross-type) that uses 'deep learning' to track heads and faces.
  • Live View CDAF/PDAF gives face detection AF
  • at last a touch enabled LCD but touch is only to select AF point or magnify view in live view, and 3.2“ 1.62Mdot
  • 16fps burst (20fps mirror up) with buffer capacity 1000 shots
  • 5.5K/60p full width 17:9 5472×2886 full pixel readout 12bit Raw video manual focus only and requires high capacity CFast Express type B cards as it is 1800Mbps in 24p and 2400Mbps in 60p - a a 256GB CFast Express card costing $US500 will store 13 minutes of 12bit 5.5K RAW 60P
  • UHD and DCI full pixel readout 4K at up to 60p (though AF is locked at that frame rate - a cropped DCI 4K/60p mode offers AF)
    • DCI 4096 x 2160 is 17:9 full width, oversampled from the 5.5K
      • 10bit H.265 4:2:2 color space wide BT.2020 gamut 50/60p ALL-I (Intra) at 1000Mbps or Long GOP (IPB) at 340Mbps
      • 8bit H.264 4:2:0 50/60p ALL-I (Intra) at 940Mbps or Long GOP (IPB) at 230Mbps 1)
      • there is a directly cropped 120Mbps Long GOP option (eg. if a Super35 lens is used)
    • UHD 3840 x 2160 is 16:9 10bit oversampled from the 5.5K but cropped at the sides to achieve the 16:9 aspect ratio. 97% of the full frame sensor width is covered in this mode rather than 100%.
  • 1080HD 10bit H.265 up to 470Mbps 100p Intra
  • 1080HD 8bit H.264 up to 360Mbps 100p Intra
  • using Canon Log it can record 10-bit, 4:2:2 video internally
  • 2.1mdot fixed touchscreen
  • 2x CFExpress type B slots
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbit/sec)
  • built-in GPS
  • built-in WiFi at last, but still offers optional wireless transmitter for faster speeds and additional features
  • 158 x 168 x 83 mm (6.22 x 6.61 x 3.27″) (same as mark I and II)
  • 1440 g (3.17 lb / 50.79 oz) - slightly lighter than the previous versions which were 1530g
  • 1210 shot battery life with new LP-E19 battery but can use older LP-E4N and LP-E4 batteries but with the max frame rate dropping to 12 fps
  • $US5999


    • the first time since the 2012 Canon have released a ‘cutting edge’ DSLR for filmmakers
    • BUT it lacks many video features such as EVF, IBIS, articulating screen, smaller RAW video output options, etc.
      • “The Leica SL2 is an artist’s dream, the best for manual focus lenses (and even anamorphic thanks to the 5.5K 4:3 mode) and supremely specced at the same time as being blazingly fast, fun and IN DEPTH like no other camera I have ever known. The best mirrorless camera ergonomically and for build quality bar none.The colour science and codec is unbelievably good.”
      • “the Netflix approved Panasonic S1H, an image quality monster, the most full-featured of any mirrorless or DSLR camera on the market for full frame video, although driving it is like stepping out of the Leica SL2’s Porsche 911 into a Toyota utility vehicle, the sheer image quality is undeniable.”
      • “the Sony A7R IV, which trounces the 1D X Mark III for stills resolution (60 vs 20 megapixel), is much smaller, lighter, still with blazingly fast autofocus, half the price, surprisingly good low light performance as well for a 60MP sensor in 4K mode and improves on previous models in several subtle but important ways – the much better EVF being one of them. Colour science is interesting this time out. Still with the same bland image profiles out of the box but tthese can be improved via color profiles (sic)”
      • “Nikon Z6 finally has ProRes RAW with the Ninja V”
      • “expect the Sony A7S III to bring codec improvements, 10bit S-LOG and higher frame rates to the table”
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