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Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art full frame lens


  • 14mm f/1.8 ultra wide full frame lens in various mounts
  • announced Feb 2017, available May 2017
  • Sigma can optionally fit a rear mounted gel filter holder (FHR-11 filter holder) for around $US80
  • compared with the Samyang 14mm f/2.4 SP the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 is bigger, heavier, more expensive and with more much coma and astigmatism below f/4 but is weathersealed, better build quality, has less vignetting and less distortion so better for lowlight photojournalism, moonlit scenes at 2 sec exposures, timelapse imagery or video


  • 14mm f/1.8 ultra wide full frame lens
  • weather resistant
  • 16 elements in 11 groups
  • 9 rounded blades
  • no filter
  • 95mm diameter x 126mm long
  • 1.1kg! (plus MC-11 adapter if used on Sony E-mount cameras)
  • $US1599


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