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Nillumbik - Eltham, Christmas Hills, St Andrews region

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  • Nillumbik is the region north-west of Melbourne, east of Yarrambat, north of the Yarra River, west of Yarra Glen and south of the Kinglake ranges
  • it thus includes Eltham and north through Diamond Creek, Hurstbridge, the Christmas Hills district, St Andrews and Strathewen

heritage sites

Montsalvat, Eltham

  • former artist colony, and well worth a visit and perhaps lunch at the French restaurant
  • great location for photos although more formal shoots require additional payment

Andrew Ross Museum

  • Kangaroo Ground
  • located in the old teachers’ residence of Kangaroo Ground Primary School, an 1870s heritage listed building
  • open Thursday mornings and the 2nd and 4th Sunday afternoons

Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower

  • one of the highest places in Melbourne, built in 1926
  • Eltham-Yarra Glen Road, Kangaroo Ground (Melway 272 G10)

Ellis Cottage

  • 10 Nillumbik Square, Diamond Creek (Melway 12 F5)
  • Open first Sunday of the month, except January, from 2pm-4pm
  • built in 1865 by William Ellis
  • constructed from local uncut stone and originally had a shingle roof which was later replaced by slate.
  • the Nillumbik Historical Society houses a large collection of historic photographs and documents of pioneering families from Diamond Creek and its surrounds.

Hurst Family Cemetery

  • The Hurst family were early settlers in the Hurstbridge area, named after a log bridge erected by Henry Hurst and known locally as “Hurst's Bridge”.
  • Henry died in 1866 and was the first Hurst to be buried in what would be known as the Hurst Family Cemetery which was used until 1924.
  • The Eltham Shire Council purchased the Cemetery in the 1970s.

Warrandyte Historical Museum

  • 111 Yarra Street, Warrandyte (Melway 23 E11)
  • Open Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-5pm during summer and 1pm-4pm during winter

Yarrambat Heritage Museum

  • Yarrambat Park, Yan Yean Road, Yarrambat (Melway 184 F5)
  • open by appointment

Queenstown Cemetery

  • 70 Smiths Gully Road, Smiths Gully (Melway 264 H3)
  • a pioneer and miners' cemetery established during the gold rush of the 1850s.



    • Lenister Farm Wetlands - Eltham
    • Lenister Farm Wetlands - Eltham - alternative route

Plenty Gorge

    • Hawkstowe Park Trail
      • old homestead (c1850), and the stables;
      • circumnavigates the lake, the former orchard, and continues to a Lookout
    • Yarrambat Park Walk
    • Middle Gorge Walk
    • Yan Yean Walk - caretaker's cottage
    • Yellow Gum Park - Plenty - Blue Lake

Warrandyte State Park

    • Stane Brae Walk
    • The Common Circuit Walk - interesting remnant bushland
    • Pigeon Bank Creek Track
    • Mt Lofty Circuit Walk
    • Mt Lofty Explorer
    • Koornong Walk
    • Blue Tongue Bend Hike (via Stan Brae Track)
    • Wonga Park North Circuit Walk
    • Warrandyte River Reserve Walk
    • Wetlands Trail (Chirnside Park District) (Adjoining Warrandyte State Park)
    • Jumping Creek Track
    • River Trail
    • Gold Heritage Walk
    • Blue Tongue Bend
    • Mt. Lofty
    • Fiddler Gully and Wildcat Tracks Circuit - interesting regrowth bushland, old mine-shafts, mullock heaps
    • Bridle and Pigtail Tracks Circuit
    • Jumping Creek to Black Flat Walk
    • Yarra Brae Trail (Bridle Trail) - splendid views of the surrounding hills and across to the Kinglake region. There are good rapids at this Brae
    • Norman Reserve Walk - Bushland, excellent views of the river and the unusual river rock formations
    • Norman's Reserve Walks - Good river scenery, rapids
    • Whipstick Gully Circuit - gold mining relics, old shafts and diggings
    • Black Flat Circuit - Interesting region with old mine shafts, diggings, relics
    • Wayne's Track to Mt Lofty Summit
    • Pound Bend Walk - Good views of river, many footbridges, bushland, kangaroos, birds
    • Blue Tongue Bend
    • Witton's Reserve Trail
    • Orchard and Circuit Tracks - Pound Bend
    • Bob's Wetlands - Old wooden walkway to the windmill

Christmas Hills district

    • Lenister Farm Wetlands - Eltham
    • Lenister Farm Wetlands - Eltham - alternative route
    • Christmas Hills district
      • Henley Wetlands
      • Robert's Track
      • Happy Valley Track (Southern Sector) - Smith's Gully
      • Happy Valley Track - Northern Section - Smith's Gully
        • pleasant fern gullies, forest, and remains of gold diggings
      • Ridge Track - Smith's Gully - unusual bushland
      • Wimbi Reserve Track - Panton Hill - old gold-mining region
      • Boomer's Forest Reserve Tracks - Panton Hill - regrowth forest in old gold mining region
      • Yirrip (Red Ironbark) Hill Reserve - Panton Hill - remnant stands of Yirrip (Red Ironbark)
      • Rifle Range Reserve Walk - Smith's Creek
      • Rifle Range Track - Rifle Range Reserve
      • Heritage Trail - Smith's Gully - old mining region - many interpretative signs and mining relics
      • Sugarloaf Reservoir Park - Lilydale
      • Oxley Forest Reserve - Bend of Islands (Kangaroo Ground)
    • Spadoni's Nature Trail - Yering - good views to the adjacent Christmas Hills

Gawa Wurundjeri Resource Trail

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