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photography and modelling scams


  • scams come in many forms

Scams against the photographer

  • advance fee scam
    • client contacts photographer and eventually offers to not only pay up front the deposit for the photographer's fee but also the full amount the photographer will need to pay to the “modelling agency”
    • once the photographer pays the scam modelling agency, the original payment to the photographer is reversed within a few days
  • model booking fee scam
    • some models insist on a deposit for a model shoot which they will keep if the photographer does a no-show - but some unethical models may use this process to scam photographers by not showing up and keeping the deposit

Scams against models

  • kidnapping after paid modelling with paid airfares
    • this seems to be rare but there have been a few well publicized cases in Europe
  • the photographer TFP scam
    • well not really a scam, but it is unfortunately common for models to agree to a TFP shoot but then not receive any images, ever
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