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Panasonic LX100 compact camera


  • announced Sept 2014
  • a touch large for a pocket, but OK for a jacket pocket, and smaller than the Canon G1 X II
  • built-in EVF so it can be used like a camera should be used, and great for those who need reading glasses
  • mechanical controls for shutter, aperture and exposure compensation as well as AF/MF, and aspect ratio
  • 3x zoom 24-75mm f/1.8-2.8 zoom with 3cm close focus is perfect for most travel needs and unlike most compact cameras and iPhones, it will still give great shots in low light thanks to the large sensor (twice as large as that in the Sony RX100 III)
  • multi-aspect sensor means you are not cropping your images to get to 16:9
    • 4:3 aspect ratio gives a 4112×3088 (12.5mp) pixel image
    • 3:2 aspect gives a 4272×2856 (12mp) image
    • 16:9 aspect gives a 4480×2520 (11mp) image
    • 1:1 square format gives a 3088×3088 (10mp) image
  • awesome 4K video with 30fps 8mp stills possible
  • apparently it has a leaf shutter for flash sync at all speeds to 1/4000th sec - could be strobists' heaven!
  • fast 11.9fps burst rate and DFD fast AF which also includes eye detection AF - very handy indeed to many subjects - although the lack of telephoto makes it limiting for most sports


  • although it uses a Micro Four Thirds size sensor, the lens is not interchangeable
  • tripod socket is not centred under the lens
  • zoom control is only via a power zoom lever
  • no external mic socket
  • no built-in flash (bundled flash and hotshoe provided)
  • no built-in ND filter
  • limited telephoto zoom (3.1x zoom range to 75mm focal length at f/2.8 with depth of field (DOF) equiv. to 75mm f/5.6 on a full frame camera)
  • electronic shutter mode may show rolling shutter artefacts
  • only 12.8mp sensor but this is perfectly adequate for most people
  • not quite as small or light, and no 120p 1080HD mode as the Sony RX100 but otherwise is more versatile and powerful


  • 16mp multi-aspect sensor giving 12.7mp actual
  • 11 fps (6.5 fps in C-AF) with 1/16,000th sec shutter
  • 10.9-34mm (24-75mm f/3.4-5.6 equiv.) F1.7-2.8 POWER OIS ASPH Leica lens, close focus 3cm, 9 aperture blades, aperture dial and aspect ratio selector, focus mode selector, 43mm filter thread
    • much more depth of field (DOF) control than smaller sensor cameras such as the Canon G7 X, G1 X II or Sony RX100
  • DFD AF technology to give faster AF
  • 49 zone AF; eye detect AF; focus peaking
  • 2764k dots XGA EVF with 60fps refresh rate
  • 3“ 921k dot LCD but no touch
  • 4K HD video (and 4K 8mp photo mode) at 24/30p, 1080 60/50/25/24p
  • electronic silent shutter mode to 1/16000th sec with burst rates up to 40fps at full resolution!
  • mechanic shutter inside the lens apparently allows flash sync at all mechanical shutter speeds (up to 1/4000th sec) !!!
  • HDR mode automatically takes and combines 3 shots;
  • panoramic sweep mode;
  • minimal noise up to ISO 3200
  • Intelligent Resolution feature
  • multiple exposure mode;
  • 6 Photo Styles and 22 creative filters
  • bundled flash
  • WiFi with NFC and Geotagging
  • 393g, 115 x 66 x 55mm, $US899


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