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composite photography and post-processing


  • compositing is the post-processing of images to combine imagery into the one “photograph”
  • on many photography websites and photography competitions, composites are banned as they are deemed as digital art rather than photography

General requirements for good compositing photography

pre-visualisation and concept planning

  • in many ways this mirrors how a great painter would approach their work
  • take into consideration how the image can be used as a narrative
    • this may lead you to consider metaphors, allegories, historical contexts, cultural contexts, etc
  • develop the concept visually
    • consider sketching your ideas out to determine what layout of concepts will work best
    • consider creating mood boards of images of ambient moods, styles, lighting, colors that you think may work for the concept
  • re-visit your concept and review your narrative
    • once you have your ideas more concrete, review the story telling aspect to ensure they will work well together in a narrative
  • build your concept composite using reference images
    • by using reference images in your image edit you can better see visually how they will work together in a composite and what and how you will need to photograph to achieve your desired output
    • analyze reference images to see what aspects are critical to achieve to give your image a sense of realism
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