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Canon 1DX Mark II


  • announced July 2016
  • but compared to the new Nikon D5 pro dSLR though the D5 gives 3780 shots battery, better LCD, 200 RAW+jpeg buffer, 153 AF pts, and 4K HDMI out as well as being marginally lighter


  • weather sealed sports pro dSLR
  • 20mp sensor
  • ISO 100-51,200 (50-409,600)
  • shutter 30secs - 1/8000th sec with x-sync 1/250th sec
  • same optical viewfinder specs (0.76x magnification, 20mm eye relief) as mark I
  • new 360,000-pixel RGB+IR sensor for face recognition and subject tracking iTR AF
  • 61 AF points incl. 41 cross type with 24% more coverage compared to mark I and the 5 dual-cross AF in the centre allow more accurate AF with wide aperture lenses, while the centre point works down to -3EV
    • 27 cross points still function at f/8 which is of benefit to birding with teleconverters
    • 6 AF setting presets
    • iTR still unable to track a subject's eye and still not as dependable as Nikon's 3D Tracking AF 1)
  • thanks to the dual pixel AF sensor, Live View CDAF/PDAF gives face detection AF but still no C-AF or tracking
  • at last a touch enabled LCD but touch is only to select AF point or magnify view in live view, and 3.2“ 1.62Mdot
  • 14fps burst (16fps mirror up) with 81 RAW+jpeg buffer (170 RAW or unlimited jpeg)
  • 4K/60P mjpeg video and 1080/120p but HDMI out is only 1080 8bit 4:2:2
  • 1xCF slot + 1x CFast 2.0 slot
  • USB 3.0 (5Gbit/sec)
  • built-in GPS
  • optional WiFi (WFT-E8)
  • 158 x 168 x 83mm and 1530g (same as mark I)
  • 1210 shot battery life with new LP-E19 battery but can use older LP-E4N and LP-E4 batteries but with the max frame rate dropping to 12 fps
  • $US5999


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