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manual flash with Olympus cameras


  • any flash unit may be used with Olympus cameras as long as the trigger voltage is below 24V
    • most old flash units from the 1970's and earlier tend to have high trigger voltages which may disintegrate your camera's circuitry!
    • older flash units for Minolta/Sony which use their proprietary pin layout will require an adapter to fire from the Olympus hotshoe

manual flash output set from the camera

  • requires a built-in or bundled flash to be activated (other external flashes cannot have their manual output controlled by camera as this may conflict with the flash unit's settings)
  • in the Live Super Control Panel, set the flash mode to a manual output value (press INFO button then change with arrow buttons)

manual flash output set from the flash unit

  • set flash unit to Manual or FP Manual
  • set the flash unit output via the flash unit's output setting
  • the camera's flash mode items will not have a manual output level available, you must use one of the other Olympus OM-D flash modes
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