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a photo catalogue of selected sites at Wilsons Promontory Tidal River camp ground -


  • now that you have to CHOOSE a site when you book, you really do need to have a bit of knowledge of the site and the expected weather conditions which can make it difficult, but at least now you are guaranteed that site and don't have to rush to get there in the old 1st in 1st served situation and I presume if its off-peak they would let you change sites if a site has not been booked
  • MY camp site selection tips:
    • IF a downpour of rain is forecast more than 10-25mm in a few hours (eg. cold front is passing, summer thunderstorms, or there is a low pressure system) some sites will temporarily FLOOD:
      • HOWEVER, most sites the water depth is less than 4“ and the water generally drains away within hours after the rain stops so as long as your tent has a waterproof base which is high enough to prevent water getting into your tent, you should be OK (a budget tent will probably NOT be OK)
      • most sites on 25th, 33rd and 34th Avenue are relatively free from flooding EXCEPT:
        • sites 324 (east end), 325, 326, 327, and, especially 329 where almost the whole site will be flooded with 6” deep water after about 25mm rain!
        • sites 393, 397, 400, 401 (minor issues), 403, 410, 411, 412, 413 (although the rear tent area is ok), 424, 428
      • many sites around 5th Ave and adjacent avenues are prone to flooding, especially 85, 86, 112, 115, 124, 145, 146, 148, 149, 170, 171, 180, 185, 185,197, 200, 466 (22nd Ave)
      • the east end of the school sites tend to be flooded
    • strong wind protection
      • this can be difficult to manage as wind directions can change and also turbulence can send the wind in circles on larger sites bounded by bush or bouncing off your vehicle
      • take down gazebos and awnings if very strong winds are forecast
      • consider using extra heavy duty angle iron pegs from Bunnings to secure your tent or tarps.
      • AVOID sites 448, 449 if there are strong easterlies forecast as these can become a dustbowl and gazebo graveyard due to their exposed elevated position, otherwise site 448 is a large 10x12m site great for a group and the mid-section walkway to the beach lies between sites 449 and 451
      • 31st Ave is an elevated area near the Hill Block toilets and although exposed to SE/S/SW/W winds it is relatively protected from E/NE/N winds depending upon which end you choose
    • other factors:
      • Avoid site 424 as not only does it get flooded, it is on a busy corner next to rubbish bins (similar story with 348 on 33rd)
      • surfers tend to go for 34th and 25th Ave as these back onto the surf beach
        • sites 408 and 409 are a couple of the few sites mainly on grass instead of sand which may appeal to some but these are fairly exposed to winds
      • adults without kids tend to go for 34th or 33rd Ave - groups tend to prefer the relative proximity of the middle section sites to each other such as the sites surrounding 342 on 33rd and the inner part of the 34th Ave ring road
      • Avoid 33rd Ave if you have a big van unless you have a large easily accessible site booked as it is a dead end
      • 23rd and 25th Avenues are popular especially with those with caravans who want more space and bush around them than the main 2nd to 6th Ave areas
      • families with kids or those wishing to use the electric BBQs tend to go for the sites closer to Tidal River itself and to the main amenities - powered sites, take away food shop, cinema, etc
      • mid-week out of school holidays, the 33rd, 34th avenues are almost deserted if the weather is undesirable (nice if you like not having anyone around and having the Hill Block showers all to yourself) but they are generally the first to fill up for weekend bookings

Some camp sites (images take a few seconds to load)

5th Ave region after heavy rain for a few hours

085 086
107 110
112 114
115 124
145,146 148,149
170 171
180 197

22nd Ave section

468 473

bitumen Ring Road

  • some sites sheltered from winds but adjacent the busy Ring Road

| 270 | 271,272 |

273 a relatively secluded site
274 275

31st Ave

  • this is the most elevated section of the camp ground and abuts the Hill Block toilets and is just above the bitumen Ring Road
  • it is generally exposed to southerly winds but relatively protected from northerlies and easterlies (you will not get as much dust blown around)
Hill Block toilets 31st Ave
310 311,312
313 314
315 316
317 318

33rd Ave region

north side, many subject to flooding and backs onto the elevated Ring Road

324 324 flood issues
325 protected from SW
326 some flood issues 326 protected from
327 protected from SW 327 some flood issues
328 protected from E 329 major flood issues but protected from SW and close to toilets
330 protected from easterlies but exposed to SW and lots of pedestrian traffic as near toilets

south side, more elevated and tends to be more exposed

331 small and adjacent pedestrian path and end of road traffic
335 small site
336 nice secluded and elevated site protected from S/SW 336 6pm Nov
337 looking east towards 336 337 midday looking up drive to SW
338 small site 339 small site
340 nice elevated site protected from SW but exposed to E 341 small elevated site
340,341 341 6pm Nov
342 small exposed site some tree shade 343 small site
344 elevated site 345 small elevated secluded site protected from SW
346 small site 347 large site

25th Ave

354 355
356 357
359,360 361
362 path to school section 363,364
365 366
367 368 north side
369 secluded but adjacent toilet 369
370 is the south side corner block near the toilets 371
380 386

34th ave

north side of the north part of 34th Ave ring (extension of 23rd)

387 is the start of this section and is near the toilets
394 395
398 399
400 401
402 403
404 405
406 407
408 409

north part of 34th ave ring (extension of 23rd)

413 on bend at east end 413
442 small site with south overhanging trees on the bend
443 444
445 car headlights issue 446
447 448
449 450
453 454
455 456
457 458 next to toilets on corner

beach front section of 34th Ave

414 416
417 exposed to winds 419 reasonable protection from W wind
420 421 reasonable protection W wind
422 423
424 425
426 428
430 431
434 436
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