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Orbost region - Cape Conran, Snowy River, and Errinundra


  • Orbost is a township 380km east of Melbourne and now bypassed by the Princes Highway in east Gippsland in Victoria
  • it is an important base for food, fuel, accommodation for tourists to explore the region which is generally remote wilderness without shops, fuel or phone reception
  • can take turn off north along the Bonang Hway to join the Monaro Hway in NSW and travel to Bombala (partly unsealed)
  • can take the Snowy River Country Trail north into the alpine region
  • approx. 14km to the mouth of the Snowy River and Marlo and then along the coast to Cape Conran
  • turn off southwards 23km to a lovely little town called Bemm River on the Sydenham Inlet
  • accommodation:

Nearby attractions

  • Buchan
    • limestone caves
  • Corringle Slips and beach
    • 18km south of Newmerella petrol station on Princes Hway (just before Orbost)
    • a nice camping site on the shores of the estuary - bring a canoe or small boat
    • a brief but steep walk over sand dunes to a pristine, remote, very long surf beach where you can mainly catch Australian salmon and tailor if the crabs don't get to your bait first. Ocean beach is NOT safe for swimming.
    • March flies do not appear to be an issue
    • untreated water available although need to bring your own drinking water
    • there are dump toilets and campsites have camp fire facilities (byo wood) - no showers or electricity available
  • Woods Point free camp ground
    • 30min unsealed road from Orbost to a nice sandy beach bend in the Snowy River amongst towering Eucalypt trees
    • nice for a swim or canoe/kayak
  • Errinundra Plateau NP
  • Marlo:
    • small coastal town at the inlet of the Snowy River 14km south of h'way from Orbost
    • accommodation:
      • AA Homes - large waterfront house, great view & fishing
      • Tabbara Lodge apartment - bbq, pool, hot spa ph: 5154 8231
      • Marlo Caravan Park & Motel ph: 5154 8226
      • Marlo Ocean Views Caravan & Camping Park ph: 5154 8268
      • Cape Conran (18km east of Marlo; stunning remote beaches; 135 beach-side camping sites; nearby Yeerung River fishing and lovely beach)
        • Cape Conran cabins, camping - ph: 5154 8438
  • Bemm River:
    • small bayside town on the Sydenham Inlet, 23km southeast of the Princes Hway between Orbost & Cann River
    • Bemm River Holiday Lodge & Boat Hire - email:

Marlo estuary of the Snowy River

Yeerung estuary and beach

Woods Point camp ground

Snowy River at Woods Point camp ground

The road in to Woods Point camp ground


  • large goannas (monitor lizards) are very common in this region, often frequent camp grounds on a daily basis
  • many species of birds can be seen and heard
  • paralysis ticks are problematic along the eastern Victoria coastline up into NSW coastline

Paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) Cape Conran

Goanna (Lace monitor Varanus varius) passing my tent searching for food

Far East Gippsland Back Road Tours

  • the “back” roads are REMOTE with only intermittent mobile phone coverage, assume no internet, and there may be poor satellite phone coverage, check ParksVic for road closures, BOM for weather forecast and river conditions, and Emergency Vic for fires before departure
  • these roads are generally NOT suitable for caravans, trailers or 2WD vehicles
  • bring an EPIRB, especially if bushwalking - snakebites and disabling injuries may make it life threatening
  • bring plenty of water, or make the local water potable by the usual methods, etc
  • open fires may not be permitted

Stringers Knobb - Mottle Range

  • 81km easy half day
  • 2WD in dry weather only; easy 4WD;
  • start at Orbost's Forest Park carpark, head along Princes Hwy, turn left at Orbost-Buchan viewing the longest rail trestle bridge in Victoria used 1916-1987), follow signs to Buchan, turn left at Monument Track and head to Stringers Knob Historic Fire Tower then return back to Mottle Range Flora Reserve (the only known naturally occurring stand of E.maculata - spotted gum in Victoria)
  • optional 7.5km side trip to Long Point Camping Ground but steep descent requiring higf clearance

Waratah Loop

  • 242km 4WD only with high clearance and experience, mod. esp. Varney's Track into Jacksons Crossing camp
  • start from Orbost
  • Woods Point camp ground on the Snowy River
  • Raymond Creek Falls camp ground and walk 400m - 20m drop into a lovely pool
  • Hick's campsite
  • Young's Creek picnic ground

Murrungowar Forest Drive

  • 31km easy half day
  • 2WD in dry weather only; easy 4WD;
  • start at Murrungowar picnic ground 17km east of Orbost head to Old Growth Banksia woodland then Murrungowar Settlement then Blue Gum Planatation, then to Little cabbage Tree Falls picnic area

Murrungowar - Erinundra Loop

  • 132km easy 4WD/AWD but some tracks are narrow, rocky and have slippery sections (not 2WD), full day
  • start at Murrungowar Rd head to Glen Arte Flora Reserve (warm and cool temperate rainforests), continue to Timber Fallers Hut then to Arte River Falls then to Mt Jack (helipad) Lookout then to Mt Ellery Walk (difficult, steep 4km, 2hr return walk but gives views from granite tors), then to Ocean View Lookout (views over Goolengook old growth forest), then to Mt Morris picnic area then Ada River camp ground, then to Lind NP and onto Euchre Valley Nature Drive and Growlers Picnic Area then head back to either Orbost or Cann River

Combienbar - East Errinundra

  • 111km, full day, 4WD only - high clearance and experience required, Tennyson Tk is steep, rocky and slippery
  • Three Sisters Lookout
  • Tennyson campsite

Bendoc Historic gold mining Loop Drive

  • 73km, half day, 4WD/AWD only but easy
  • start at The Gap Scenic Reserve on Bonang Rd, follow Gap Rd to Delegate River Tunnel picnic area, return to Bonang-Bendoc Rd and head to Bendoc Historic Park then to Wilsons Hut (a rare surviving timber slab hut)

The Mighty Snowy and McKillops Bridge

  • 229km, full day, 4WD/AWD only but easy
  • the descent beyond Little River Gorge into McKillops Bridge is one of Victoria's most precarious roads, unsuitable for trailers or caravans
  • 62km half day, 4WD only, easy
  • start at Chandlers Creek Picnic Area on WB Line Rd (east of Monaro Hwy) 28.6km north of Cann River
  • head to Beehive Falls (300m return walk track)
  • Yambulla Walking Track - 3hrs one way to Genoa River, mod. fitness needed
  • then to Mealing Mill for great views
  • optionally walk to Genoa River from carpark on Ivor Track (1km, 15min walk)
  • continue on WB Line Rd and turn R onto Drummer Rd to get to Hidden Picnic Area on the Wingan River West Branch
  • continue on Drummer Rd to Drummer Rainforest picnic area - easy 45min return walk through moss-lined tracks on the banks of the Thurra River
  • then proceed to either Mallocoota, Cann River or Genoa

Wingan - Mallacoota Scenic Drive

  • 82km, half day, 4WD only, easy but requires creek crossing at Hard to Seek Tk and Betka Tk subject to seasonal closure
  • start at Drummer River Rainforest picnic ground (see above - 12km east of Cann River)
  • from Princes Hwy, turn left (eastwards) and lookout for Horseshoe Rd intersection which is easily missed, turn left and travel 6.2km to West Wingan Rd and Alfred NP (warm temperate rainforest), turn onto Wingan Link Rd and head to Wingan Link picnic area on the scenic Wingan River, continue and then veer left onto Hard to Seek Tk, cross the creek which has a granite rock base, (optionally head to Genoa Peak for a steep 1.5km, 2hr return walk)
  • turn into Stony Peak Rd to Croajingalong NP, turn left at Betka Tk to Shipwreck Creek camp ground whre there are some nice walks along beach with views of Gabo Island and the Howe Range
  • continue along Betka Tk to the popular Betka Beach then onto Betka Rd to Mallacoota

Heritage Bemm River

  • 113km, half day, 2WD in dry weather only; easy 4WD;
  • start at Mt Raymond Lookout near Orbost
  • head to Murrungowar picnic ground then to Cabbage Tree Creek flora reserve (cabbage tree palms walk)
  • optional 2.8km side trip to Yeerung Gorge for a 20min return walk
  • then to Bemm River bridge then to Lind NP, Euchre Valley Nature Drive, Growler's picnic area, Bemm River Scenic Reserve and Rainforest walk (easy 1km walk), the to Orbost
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