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Murrindindi Scenic Reserve camping


  • Murrindindi Scenic Reserve is a very popular camp ground for long weekends, public holidays and school holidays - although many of the camp grounds are not great for kids as there is little for them to do
  • 260-340m elevation, and being inland, the nights are generally quite cold even in early Autumn or Spring
  • firearms and pets are not permitted
  • WARNING: purchase permits online BEFORE YOU GO as no internet there - $7/n for cars - undated HOWEVER this booking system is more like an online honesty box system and long weekends in good weather in summer/autumn are likely to see these grounds over-subscribed so you may need to get there a day prior to the long weekend and assume that you will be breathing camp fire smoke most of the weekend if weather allows camp fires - there will be a LOT of them!
  • First in First served and note in peak periods many sites are pre-reserved by those arriving early to reserve sites for their friends!
  • Take your rubbish home!
  • Bring plenty of drinking water
  • Fires can ONLY be used in Fire Danger Periods (usually Dec to end April) if all conditions are met INCLUDING wind being < 10kph!


  • the fast flowing stream flows from the south northwards along this north-south oriented valley
  • generally accessed from the north end as that gives the least amount of gravel roads to drive
  • 1hr 40mins from NW subs via Yarra Glen and Glenburn;
  • 1hr 50min from NW subs via Hume fwy, Broadford, Flowerdale;
  • 28km 25min Sth of Yea


  • have a walk or dip in the fast flowing river at its wider and shallower spots (some wider areas are only about 1 foot deep max which makes walking around possible on the generally rounded but slippery rocks - bring neoprene boots to make it more pleasant)
  • fishing
  • bird watching - lots of birds in the forests near the camp sites including kookaburras, bower birds, fairy wrens, azure kingfisher (spotted at Ferns) and many others
  • other nature activities - interesting insects such as stick insects can be found (easier when they land on your tent - bit hard to see them otherwise)
  • walk to the cascading Wilhelmina water falls
    • 2-2.5hr return rather strenuous walk up to Lower and Upper Wilhelmina Falls with lots of steps and rocks with ~250m elevation (or you can drive to Jackson's carpark at the top)
    • 3hr 12km one way Murrundindi River walk - connects the various campgrounds
  • camp fires
    • it seems generally you can collect firewood from fallen trees in the forest and you can use chainsaws
  • drive further south on the gravel road to Murrindindi Cascades
    • 500m walk down steps - quite impressive cascades when there is good water flow especially after rain but check for leaches when finished walk
    • can do a long 4-5hr one way walk to these cascades “along the river” from Suspension Bridge

Camp grounds from north to south

  • 100 camp sites in 6 areas;
    • flushing toilets are located at Suspension Bridge, Ferns and ? Bull Creek campsites (which are the best sites for children as more open spaces for playing), the others have drop toilets but these do seem to be fairly well maintained
    • most of the sites have their own fireplace - hence the valley tends to be filled with smoke and dust from the gravel road traffic during peak periods
    • campgrounds have some picnic tables
    • adjacent to a stream but water needs to be boiled for drinking;
    • no dogs allowed - as with most streamside campgrounds, snakes are common (usually black snakes)
    • Testra 4G is only available at the Suspension Bridge area (Blackwood 1bar 4H=G if cloudy else 3G)
    • Optus is generally not available
    • sites have wire fences on 3 sides which helps to prevent over-crowding on a site by strangers and keeps each site more private by reducing foot traffic through the site by strangers
    • ranger drives through in peak periods

Suspension Bridge / Blackwood camp

  • the first camp ground and the most spacious one with large open areas for kids to play (especially if you get site 1) and great views of the night skies
  • some minimal Telstra 4G reception (2023)
  • flush toilets ONLY at the Day use entrance - remainder are drop toilets

Cassinia Camp

  • drop toilets
  • good amount of shade from tall eucalypts
  • ~6 bollarded off relatively large sites so only for tents or campervans - often used for school or scout groups
  • no mobile phone access
  • can walk to Blackwood or SEC camp

SEC Camp

  • SEC camp is ~100m from car park - need to walk in but otherwise it is a nice camp ground
  • drop toilets
  • open spaces for kids to play
  • no mobile phone access

Water Gauge

  • 30min drive south of Yea
  • ~18 sites, many could fit two caravans or tents and this will probably be needed to accommodate groups in peak periods
  • picnic area, drop toilets day car park, suspension bridge to access the walks
  • mainly for adult groups as very little for children to do there - no areas for ball games, no internet, no mobile phone reception, and very dusty.
  • sites are set amongst tall gums so very limited view of the night skies
  • no mobile phone access
  • the tall trees block much of the sun so your solar panels will struggle and your tents / awnings will take some time to dry out in the morning when packing up
  • very dusty as every site is adjacent a relatively busy gravel road and many are sandwiched between both the gravel roads (the main road and the camp ground access road)


  • ?flush toilets
  • no mobile phone access
  • nice large camp ground with varied sites away from road dust
  • ~50m walk to river

Bull Creek

Dindi Mill Camp

  • small very remote camp amongst tall eucalypt forest recovering from fire, not part of the reserve but is further down south near Toolangi
  • drop toilets
  • no mobile phone access
  • only for 1 small tent or a campervan
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