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Murray River camping


  • the Murray River itself actually belongs to NSW as it forms the NSW-Vic border
  • Gunbower Creek is an anabranch of the Murray River which receives water from the Murray River when it reaches flood level upstream of Torrumbarry Weir near Turner Bend or where it re-joins the Murray at Koondrook - although both sites are partially controlled by weirs
  • the Murray River is fed by:
    • upper Murray river origins in the high country
    • Mitta Mitta River into Lake Hume at Tallangatta
    • Ovens River into Lake Mulwala at Yarrawonga
    • Goulburn River (and hence Broken River which joins the Goulburn at Shepparton) just east of Echuca - these waters may go upstream in Barmah Forest and into Edward River system to Deniliquin
    • Campaspe River at Echuca
    • Loddon River at Swan Hill
    • Edward River and Wakool River (anabranches in NSW) at Kenley (between Swan Hill and Robinvale)
    • Murrumbidgee River near Boundary Bend (upstream of Robinvale)
    • Darling River at Wentworth (downstream of Mildura)
  • it is an extremely popular camping area, especially for 4WDs and self-contained rigs however it is subject to flooding and prolonged post-flood closures
  • it is popular for boating and fishing activities but also summer swimming
    • there are more beach and grassy areas upstream of Echuca than downstream of Echuca but the river is wider and better for boating activities downstream of Echuca
    • popular spots downstream of Echuca are pianta road, casey road and odwyers road but not if flooded
  • in addition, there are many commercial holiday parks for those with families and caravans or for grey nomads who prefer the town facilities
  • there are very few non-commercial camp grounds with toilets and none with showers
  • subject to flooding mainly in late winter / spring - but this can close camp areas for 6 months or more
  • disease carrying mosquitoes are problematic - take precautions in summer especially
    • Murray Valley encephalitis virus
    • Barmah Forest virus
    • Ross River virus
    • Japanese Encephalitis virus
  • LOTS of redgum eucalyptus trees line the river and these drop LARGE LETHAL branches without warning - don't camp under them!
  • most camps are bush camps without toilets or water - and many are best accessed with a 4WD, especially after wet weather or floods
  • this region tends to be very HOT in summer - bring lots of potable water and protective gear - plus swim gear / life jackets
  • unlike most of Victoria, the Murray region is also home to nocturnal tree dwelling non-venomous pythons such as the Murray Darling Carpet Snake and the Diamond Python

Flood and weather warnings

    • Note that a large Murray flood upstream from Barmah is not indicative of future Murray flooding downstream between Echuca and Swan Hill as the Barmah Choke restricts Murray River flows past Barmah to around 35,000 ML/d with the balance being forced northwards into NSW along the Edwards River.
      • in addition, some of the floodwaters from the Goulburn River which enters downstream of Barmah Lake and just upstream of Echuca will flow upstream and into the Edward River system
    • Barmah:
      • Oct 2022 was the highest level since 1974 and was 7.32m with flows of nearly 39,000ML/d
    • Echuca:
      • minor flood level is 93.5m AHD
      • floods are mainly dependent upon inflows from upper Murray (but these are limited to 35,000Ml/d) and the Goulburn River, as well as the Campaspe River which reaches the Murray River at Echuca
      • the next major river system to enter the Murray River downstream is the Loddon which joins the Little Murray River at Winlaton and then this joins the Murray near then and at Swan Hill
        • Campaspe River at Rochester:
          • major flood level 114.5m, mod. 114.0m, minor 113.0m (Jan 2011 hit 115.4m) - most of Rochester is flooded at over 115m
          • major flood of Oct 2022 hit over 115m equating to 9.29m measurement
    • Torrumbarry Weir:
      • primary embankment height is 5m, with water height of 86.05m, capacity 36,810ML, and during minor flood levels and higher, outflows = inflows as weir does not have impact on flows
    • Torrumbarry Weir downstream:
      • peaked at 7.83m in the Oct 2022 floods
      • “minor flood levels” are 7.3m at this point
      • usually drops to around 1.5m by March and usually peaks around 6m in Oct
      • water temp usually rises from 9degC in July to 28degC by end of Jan
    • Barham / Koondrook:
      • minor flood levels are at 5.5m which may impact camping tracks; major flooding is 6.10m and higher;
    • Loddon River at Kerang:
      • major flooding occurs over 77.8m (minor flood level 77.0m) at the Murray Valley Highway Bridge Gauge (19/1/2011 hit 78.03m, 10/12/2010 and Sep 2016 hit 77.4m)
      • this roughly equates to Loddon River levels of ~2m (peak of major flood in Jan 2011 was 2.1m)
      • Laanecoorie Reservoir:
        • primary embankment height is 22m, with water height of 160.21m, capacity 7980ML and during minor flood levels and higher, outflows = inflows as weir does not have impact on flows at FSL of 160.21m
      • Cairn Curran Reservoir:
        • max water height of 208.46m, capacity 147,130ML
    • Locks 1-9 are downstream of Mildura

2WD accessible non-commercial camp sites with toilets

  • Koondrook Twin Bridges
  • Master's Landing, Gunbower
  • Grometts Bend, Gunbower
  • Cohuna flora reserve, Cohuna Island Rd, (Nth Side of Bridge)
  • Casey Bend, 178 Casey Rd, Wharparilla
  • Barmah?
  • The Common and Fayes 2 (down weir of Yarrawonga)
  • Tocumwal Town Beach
  • Tocumwal camp - 2nd R turn off from main road after bridge then turn R
  • Finley Beach, Tocumwal
  • Yarrawonga River Camp
  • Forges Beach No. 1, Yarrawonga
  • The Willows, Wahgunyah
  • the below are in sections from upper reaches in far North-East of Victoria, down stream towards Sth Australia

Upper Murray Rd

  • Indi Bridge camp

Murray Gorge / Alpine Way (NSW)

  • via Murray Valley Hwy / Alpine Way SE of Towong (on the upper reaches of the Murray River):
    • to Khancoban (need to pay for Snowy Mountains access)
    • then along the Khancoban gorge to Geehi:
      • alongside Swampy Plain River (turnoff from Geehi):
        • Geehi Flats campground
        • Behrs Flat campground
        • Old Geehi campground
    • then to Murray Gorge:
      • Stony Creek camp ground
      • Tom Groggin horse camp
      • Dogman's Hut
      • Tom Groggin campground
    • then optionally, east along Alpine Way to Kosciouszko and Thredbo

Tintaldra / Walwa region

east of Tallangatta

east of Albury

  • Lake Hume

near Yarrawonga

east of Yarrawonga

  • Big Naughtons Camp 1 (Lower Ovens WR) Near Bundalong
    • beside the Ovens River in the Lower Ovens Wildlife Reserve near the Murray
    • no mobile reception
    • Lat -36.048345° Lon 146.197474°
  • Kyffins Reserve, north shore Lake Mulwala
    • 14 day limit; boat ramp; Telstra;
    • Lat -35.979576° Lon 146.059329°
  • east of Corowa:
    • The Police Paddocks Near Rutherglen
      • a naturally formed island that was used to rest police horses in the late 1800s
      • very large camp site with lots of open grassy areas as well as trees and river banks, 2WD accessible, no facilities; Telstra phone reception available;
      • just over 3hrs from NW suburbs;
    • Shaws Flat Rd campground
      • lots of grassy areas some beachy areas; areas of blackwater near the start; plenty of well separated camp areas so should be able to get a good distance away from other campers
      • long thin campground alonsgide the Murray starting at -35.990948655498826, 146.49066669472538
    • Richardsons Bend campground
    • Weidners Rd camp ground, Gooramadda
    • Doolans Bend, near Howlong
    • Grantham's Bend
      • very long camp ground with well separated camp areas, no facilities; most is 2WD accessible; some areas of blackwater and deeply rutted roads
      • -35.97746995283749, 146.41512786416448
    • The Willows, Wahgunyah

west of Yarrawonga

  • Yarrawonga River Camp
    • many sites along the river with pit toilets located approximately 300 metres west.
    • fantastic stretch of river overlooking the golf course on the other bank.
    • Telstra phone reception available; boat ramp
    • Lat -36.012088° Lon 145.980935°
  • Ecc Yarawonga
    • river bends and sandy beaches provide an ideal setting for campers and day visitors alike
    • Lat -36.005563° Lon 145.969649°
  • Forges Beach No. 1
    • thefts can be an issue; toilets; Telstra phone reception available;
    • Lat -35.996172° Lon 145.963423°
  • Trues beach, Trues Track
    • 2WD access dry weather only; grassy area; swimming, kayaking; no facilities; boat ramp;
    • Lat -35.955155° Lon 145.909689°
  • Paddy’s Beach, near Boomanoomana, NSW
    • swimming;
    • Lat -35.950966° Lon 145.913621°

near Echuca

east of Echuca

  • Betts Beach
  • Christie's Beach
  • Meat Ant Beach Murray River Near Maloga Park
    • easy access just off Stewart’s bridge road
    • multiple open area spots; Telstra; no boat ramp;
    • western end has a gently sloping bank down to a sandy beach suitable for launching kayaks and swimming
    • Lat -36.079733° Lon 144.960117°
  • several within Barmah Forest but forest subject to major flooding! see
    • The Gulf Camping and Picnic area
      • boat ramp; Telstra;
      • Lat -5.843087° Lon 145.151882°
  • Strathmerton Ulupna island camp spot
  • Carter's Beach
  • Tocumwal
      • toilets, cold showers, town potable water and is a beautiful short river walk to Tocumwal shops; free dump point; Telstra; no fires; no boat ramp;
      • Lat -35.817838° Lon 145.560236°
    • Sonneman's Beach
    • Finley Beach
      • toilets, boat ramp, Telstra, sandy beach
    • Johnzyz Beach
  • Cobram area:
    • Weiss Beach
    • Dead River Beach
      • 4WD access as sandy track; no facilities, toilet 1km away;
    • Big Tom's Beach
    • Little Tom's Beach
    • Horseshoe Bend
    • Quicks Beach
    • Cobram Beach
    • Bourke's Beach lots of sand

west of Echuca

  • Braund Road
  • Wharparilla region
    • Wills Beach from O'Dwyers Rd
    • Benarca Campgrounds (NSW side near Moama)
      • impressive views of Murray River from your tent; paddling, fishing and swimming; boat ramp; Telstra;
      • from Moama, head north along Cobb Highway. Turn left onto Perricoota Road and continue for approximately 15km; it becomes Moama-Barnham Road. Turn left onto Benarca Forest Road and follow the signs to the campground; Lat -36.071431° Lon 144.612352°
      • nearby Five Mile mountain bike trail
  • Torrumbarry region:
    • Turner Bend
    • Torrumbarry Camp
    • Farley Bend near Moama
      • Lat -36.033722° Lon 144.615196°
  • Gunbower region:
    • Worthy Bend
    • Masters Landing Gunbower
    • Grometts Bend, Gunbower
    • Cohuna flora reserve, Cohuna Island Rd, (Nth Side of Bridge)
      • toilets; near town;
    • Vals Landing Near Gunbower
      • Lat -35.936290° Lon 144.450349° Telstra; no boat ramp; no swimming; no dogs allowed?;
    • Cockatoo Point In Gunbower State Forest
      • 4WD only; no Telstra; Lat -35.728280° Lon 144.247439°
  • Koondrook region

Near Swan Hill

south-east of Swan Hill

  • Pental Island
    • free campground on Fish Point near the bridge; no facilities;
    • a nice spot for an overnighter, with the larger area in the front accommodating about five vehicles
  • Lake Boga Caravan Park
    • grassy campground that offers unpowered sites on the shores of Lake Boga
    • From $7.50 Per Person Per Night (Off-Peak): toilets, drinking water, picnic tables, bins, walking and cycling trails, BBQ areas, mobile & TV reception, and a boat ramp
  • Murrabit Recreation Reserve
    • not on the Murray but close
    • provides short-term overnight stays and long-term weekly camping option
    • $10/n: toilet, shower, water, power hookups, a dump point, laundry, and a playground

north-west of Swan Hill

  • Tooleybuc Sporting Club
    • toilets, showers, drinking, and non-drinking water, tables, bins, trails, BBQ areas, a boat ramp, Wi-Fi, mobile & TV reception, and power hookups
    • $20/n powered, unpowered are free;
  • Tooleybuc Bridge
    • no facilities; an ideal spot in dry weather due to its proximity to the river, but it can get boggy during the wet season
  • Speewa Ferry Crossing
    • next to the ferry that connects Speewa Ferry Road in New South Wales to the Speewa Punt Road in Victoria
    • toilets, a shaded area, open fire pits, mobile & TV reception
  • Wakool River Camping
    • free campground on Tooleybuc Road Kyalite in NSW; toilet;
    • not on the Murray but close
  • Wood Wood Caravan Park
    • $20/n: showers, toilets, drinking and non-drinking water, tables, bins, walking trails, fire pits, BBQ areas, laundry, gas refill, a boat ramp, on-site accommodation, dump point, power hookups, TV & Mobile reception and a discount for seniors.
  • Pelican Waters Tourist Park, Lake Charm
    • under $20/n: showers, toilets, drinking, and non-drinking water, picnic tables, bins, BBQ areas, laundry, power hookups, a boat ramp, and mobile & TV reception
  • Lake Charm Foreshore Caravan Park
    • $15pp/n: showers, toilets, non-drinking water, bins, trails, BBQ areas, a playground, laundry, mobile & TV reception, gas refill, power hookups
  • Hilltop Resort, Tyntynder Sth
    • under $20/n: showers, toilets, drinking water, tables, bins, a BBQ area, a playroom, a playground, a camp kitchen, laundry, a swimming pool, on-site cabin accommodation, power hookups, mobile & TC reception,

Mildura region

east of Mildura

  • Happy Valley Landing near Robinvale

west of Mildura

  • Merbein Common
    • ground is clay so when wet extremely slippery and boggy (If raining 4 x 4 recommended)

Renmark region

  • Katarapko near Berri
    • small fee;
    • three main sections in Katarapko. Katarapko Creek, Lock 4 and Eckerts Creek. The Lock 4 and Eckert’s Creek sections have campgrounds suited to larger groups.
    • some need 4WD access such as site 32
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