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Thermos vacuum bottles to keep fluids warm


  • Thermos type metal dual wall vacuum bottles are very useful for picnics and for reducing the frequency of getting your stove out when camping and you just want a coffee or tea.

Size matters

  • the larger the capacity of the bottle and the more water you have in there, the slower the drop in temperature
    • most will drop around 2degC per hour for the 1st 12hrs from almost boiling with ambient temperatures around 20degC
      • the 450mL bottle dropped a little faster at around 2.5degC per hour
    • the rate of temperature drop SLOWS as the temperature gets closer to ambient temperatures
    • at 24hrs after adding initial almost boiling water to capacity and only opening twice during the time for brief temperature measurements:
      • 1.8L was 53degC (started at 83degC)
      • 1L was 53deg C (although started at 93degC)
      • 450mL was 43degC (started at 83degC)
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