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larger tents without integrated floors to act as fly tents


  • larger touring tents with floors have a major problem in that the floor is very difficult to ensure it is adequately dry before packing up
  • a solution to this is to use a tent without a floor to essentially provide cover for a smaller 2P tent which does have a floor such as a 2P Mozzie tent or a swag
  • in winter when there are unlikely to be problematic crawling or flying insects, such a tent could be used with a stretcher bed without an inner tent
  • the absence of a floor also means the weight is reduced and allows safer use of a wood stove to make it a hot tents (tents with wood stoves inside), bell tents, yurts and tipi tents

Tipi tents

Mobi Garden Era 290

  • modified tipi style but no stove jack
  • centre pole with adjustable peak ventilation plus geodesic-like poles to give more headroom
  • single door with awning and two large low mesh windows
  • 4.4×4.4×2.9m; packs to 66x23x23cm; 15.5kg;
  • opt. floor opt mesh inner tent
  • Ebay ~AU1300

Marquis type vertical side wide wall circus tent style tipis

MXT01 tent

  • 4.5m diam x 2.8m high; octagonal; centre pole;
  • 3000mm wh cotton; stove jack; adjustable ceiling vent;
  • fly has partial awnings out to each tie down point and these effectively double the footprint so you need a 9-10m diam camp site for it but can be used alone
    • TC cotton PU450mm
  • 1.4m high side panels each with poles: 210 Oxford PU2000mm, each panel has a floor to top of vertical wall large door;
  • detachable floor: 600D Oxford PU3000mm;
  • 23.5kg; packs to 88x37x37cm;
  • looks like it needs at least 2 people to set up



Tunnel tents

  • these are NOT freestanding

budget quality Tanxianzhe tunnel with PVC window

BlackDog BP-ZP006 tunnel tent

Larger geodesic design wind resistant tents

Sunny Feel Woolly Rhino Outdoor Camping Blackout Hemispherical Tent

  • 3.5x3m x 1.6m tall; no centre pole; 3 large doors with mesh door but bottoms are a trip hazard; ?3 elevated circular mesh windows;
  • 6 aluminium poles in geodesic pattern which insert through tunnels and end in total of 6 ground peg points;
  • 2000mm waterhead 210D Oxford fabric; partial fly to cover windows and ceiling only; 15 guy ropes and stakes;
  • comes with a floor that can be attached
  • 9.25kg packs to 55 x 20 x 20cm;


MOBI Garden Royal Castle

MOBI GARDEN Commander 70D Nylon Outdoor Camping Tent with stove jack


5m Vidalido geodesic

3-5m NatureHike Shepherd / Aries Dome tents

Mobi Garden Royal Castle 7m tent NX22661023

  • 7x7x3.1m high 34.65㎡; packs to 84x48x44cm; 5 doors, 7 windows; centre ceiling hub for poles; 6 ceiling vents; snow skirt; requires 3 people to erect;
  • 300D silver coated PU Polyester (Waterproof 3000mm) + clear PVC windows
  • 39.9kg opt. detachable floor

Larger semi-geodesic tents

Thous Winds Outdoor Camping Dome Cancer TW-DM08 Tent


Mobi Garden GuanTu 15㎡ French Window hot tent


Larger dome tents


  • 310*310*185cm; internal aluminium octagonal central hub design;
  • 600D Oxford 2000-3000mm with snow skirt; 2 large doors; 3 upper vents with mesh; no windows; no stove jack;
  • detachable 300D PU3000mm plaid Oxford floor;
  • 15kg; packs to 82x30x30cm;



Drasoul Dark Star SS-T77 Black Glue Ball tent

  • 3.9m diam x 2m high octagonal;
  • 3 doors, 5 large mesh windows; no stove jack;
  • 150D oxford black glue coated waterproof PU5000mm; aluminium poles with central hub;
  • partial fly to cover the central peak mesh vent
  • 17kg packs to 70x26x30cm;
  • floor ?optional


3Fulgear Three Peaks Out SnowHouse 190

  • $AU625-675 + $AU62 floor plus $AU129 shipping
  • 3.6m diam x 1.9m high; octagonal; front and rear meshed large D doors with 4 elevated side windows
  • 3000mm 210D; aluminium poles with centre hub; detachable floor overlaps snow skirt; high zip open stove jack needs shielded chimney;
  • partial top rain fly for central ceiling mesh which acts as vent
  • 11.2kg excl floor; packs to 70x30x30cm; beige and khaki or black;

3Fulgear Three Peaks Out SnowHouse 220

  • $AU929-1007 +$AU83 floor plus $AU129 shipping
  • 5.2m diam x 2.2m high; octagonal; front and rear doors with elevated side windows
  • 3000mm 210D; aluminium poles with centre hub; detachable floor overlaps snow skirt; high zip open stove jack needs shielded chimney;
  • partial top rain fly for central ceiling mesh which acts as vent
  • 14.6kg excl floor; packs to 78x36x36cm; beige and khaki or black;


NatureHike MG Fire Tent

  • 4m diam x 2.1m high; octagonal central hub design;
  • 2 x clear TPU / PVC detachable door covers;
  • large windows but seem to be opened only from top and from bottom leaving middle part as fabric
  • large circular ceiling hole through which a chimney can pass - not sure how this bit works with the fly on with its clear TPU/PVC panel
  • 17kg packs to 75x40x30cm;


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