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Aarn backpacks / bodypacks for photographers


  • Aarn bodypacks are designed to distribute weight equally on front and back and to have most of that weight born by the hips thereby making hiking more ergonomic and better for your spine
  • they generally come in Long or Short models, the average male probably fits into the Long models best
  • Aarn make 2 styles of front packs for photographers although these do not fit on some backpacks, notably they do not fit on the “Magic” models nor the Flow-Mo Friend

comparison of packs excluding the Magic models (short models)

model volume weight air cabin luggage trek poles/tripod waterproof liner features
FlowMo Friend 22L 648g Yes No No small day/ school pack made from Dynatec
Liquid Agility 30L 1.26kg Yes Yes opt day pack for cycling or snow; 3 outside pockets
Natural Exhilaration 30L 1.28kg No Yes 1 day pack for cycling or snow; 3 outside pockets
Peak Aspiration 40L 1.68kg Yes (But not the Long model) Yes 1 overnight pack; cordura nylon; 3 outside pockets
Guiding Light 57L 1.87kg No Yes 1 rock climbing; rope door; tool quivers
Featherlight Freedom 50+12L 1.82kg No Yes 1 1wk ultralight hike pack; 3 outside pockets
Natural Balance 63+15L 2kg No Yes 2 twin compartments; 10+ days ultralight hike pack
Effortless Rhythm 66L 1.96kg No Yes Yes twin compartments; hiking; climbing;
Load Limo 70L 1.9kg No Yes Yes single compartment; expedition pack for crossing rivers with best waterproofing
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