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Samyang 14mm full frame lenses

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  • these are affordable super wide angle manual focus lenses for full frame cameras giving a field of view of 115.7° but also comes in cropped sensor mounts giving field of views 93.9° on DX, 89.9° on APS-C, and 76.24° on Micro Four Thirds system
  • fixed petal lens hood
  • NO ability to use filters!
  • the f/2.8 UMC lens is popular for astrophotographic landscapes of the Milky Way as photographers like its field of view on full frame, wide aperture, and don't need AF, and it gives nicer edge-to-edge star images with minimal coma/astigmatism, better than Canon or Nikon branded very expensive alternatives, BUT the original version has been criticised for not being as sharp and for having more distortion, and it only has 6 straight diaphragm blades
    • original version released late 2009 Samyang 14 mm f/2.8 IF ED MC Aspherical
    • it was soon released as an updated version Samyang 14 mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC which is similar design but has the UMC lens coatings, is sharper, better into the light, less coma and astigmatism (only 1% not 10%), a little more CA and distortion
    • a newer AE version adds electronic contacts for EXIF, and AF confirm on dSLRs
  • the T3.1 VDSLR II lens is a a touch more expensive, with different optical design, much heavier, and is designed for Cine/video use but has 8 rounded blades for nicer out of focus image shapes stopped down, and presumably nicer star burst imagery stopped down.

specs compared

Samyang XP 14mm f/2.4 Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Asph lens Samyang 14mm T3.1 VDSLR II lens
price on $US799 $US299/359 $US399
build plastic/metal aluminium alloy
aperture f/2.4 f/2.8 T3.1
diaphragm blades 9 rounded 6 straight 8 rounded
stepless, quiet aperture ring No ring No Yes
Cine gearing No Yes
close focus 0.28m 0.28m 0.28m
MF gearing slow, more precise than needed
filter thread None! None! None!
rear filter slot None! None! None!
infrared marker No No No
DOF scale No No No
electronic contacts Yes No/Yes AE version No
optical design 18 elements in 14 groups, 2ASPH, hybrid, 2ED, 3HR 14 elements in 12 groups, ASPH, UD, hybrid, 2UD, 3HR 14 elements in 10 groups, ASP, hybrid ASPH, HR ED
coating UMC UMC
resolution sharp, best at f/4-5.6 sharp centres best at f/5.6 but soft edges improve marginally stopping down
distortion 3.8% simple barrel severe, 7% weird barrel centrally, pincushion at edges
vignetting wide open strong 2.3EV
lateral CA wide open minimal well corrected, better than the Canon 14mm II
coma wide open low
weight 791g 424g 620g
length 109.4mm 94mm 96.1mm
weathersealed No No No


Samyang XP 14mm f/2.4

Samyang 14mm f/2.8 MC version

Samyang 14mm f/2.8 UMC version

Samyang 14mm T3.1 version

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