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light reflectors and diffusers


  • lighting reflectors and diffusers are an important accessory for the portrait photographer in particular as they can soften harsh light such as sunlight using a diffuser, or provide a fill-in light to reduce contrast, or as a black flag to block light and increase contrast
  • reflectors come in a variety of surfaces:
    • white
      • perhaps the most popular to provide a soft fill-in, great for bouncing harsh light sources such as sun or flash
    • silver
      • more punchier contrast than white, and popular for overcast conditions
    • gold
      • provides warmer tones to skin but can be hard to use well as it can create less than flattering yellow shadow fill-in around eyes, etc.
    • black
      • used to block light and thus decrease fill-in light and increase contrast
    • silver-white or “soft silver”
      • provides a half-way fill between white and silver
    • gold-silver or “sunlite”
      • provides a half-way fill between gold and silver
  • diffusers come in different strengths such as 1 stop or 2 stop

commercial products

  • most are circular foldable models and a multitude of manufacturers, so not included here as there are so many

Lastolite TriGrip / Triflips

  • various versions including 18“, 30” and 40“, with the most popular being 30”
  • are triangular and have a very useful hand grip for one handed holding or for mounting on a light stand +/- bounce flash for active lighting
  • the base units tend to only have 2 reflector surface types and no diffuser
  • Lastolite Professional Triflips 8:1 Deluxe Kit
    • includes:
      • 30“ TriGrip 2 stop diffuser
      • set of TriFlip covers containing 7 different surface:
        • white, silver, softsilver, gold, sunlite and sunfire reflective surfaces plus black
      • air cushioned light stand to 3m high
      • TriGrip bracket including bracket for bounce flash
      • carry case with shoulder strap
      • $AU485

Westcott Scrim Jim


Westcott Omega

  • designed by Australian photographer Jerry Ghionis
  • large 38” x 45“ collapsible rectangular model with a unique removable 2:3 ratio cut out central rectangle through which one shoots to simulate a beauty dish / ring light quality
  • great for working with a single backlit light source such as setting sun or flash
  • can also act as a 1 stop diffuser on a window (has suction cups)
  • folds to 14” / 36cm


Westcott Eyelighter


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