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Metz flash systems


  • in 1957, Metz produced the 1st electron transistor flash unit in the world to the market, the mecablitz 100
  • in 1979, Metz introduced the SCA adapter system so that nearly any camera with TTL flash (TTL flash was 1st introduced in 1975 in the Olympus OM-2) at that time could use the same flash unit, but just required different camera-specific Metz SCA adapters.
  • in 2000, Metz introduced updateable SCA-3002 adapters
  • Metz flash guns have historically been the workhorses of pro photographers for weddings, etc and were fantastic for their modular design which allowed use on a number of different camera systems just by changing the module to give analog TTL functionality with film cameras.
  • they are still great flashes for manual use (especially if you have a flash light meter) and also for flash-unit controlled aperture set auto exposure use (just set the flash to the same aperture and ISO/ASA as the camera and ensure flash sensor is pointing at the subject).
  • BUT TTL auto-exposure with digital SLRs becomes more problematic, and in general, for this to function you need a flash designed for digital TTL (eg. 54MZ-4i; 45CL4 digital; 44MZ-2; 76MZ-5 digital) and the correct digital SCA 3000 module and cord.
  • THUS for most people using digital SLRs and requiring TTL flash exposure, they may find it simpler to use the camera manufacturer's own branded flash which is also likely to give the correct white balance for that camera rather than run the risk of complexity and incompatibilities with a Metz.
  • in addition, some Metz flashes offer a Metz proprietary optical remote TTL flash mode, as long as the camera and the Metz camera adapter for supports TTL - see Metz slave flash

TTL flash using Metz on Olympus/Panasonic Four Thirds and Micro FT digital cameras

  • there are three separate approaches:
    • using a “system” Metz flash which will ONLY work in TTL on Olympus/Panasonic (ie. don't buy the Canon or Nikon version!):
      • Mecablitz 64 AF-1 digital
      • Mecablitz 58 AF-1 digital (discontinued)
      • Mecablitz 52 AF-1 digital
      • Mecablitz 48 AF-1 digital (discontinued)
      • Mecablitz 44 AF-2 digital
      • Mecablitz 36 AF-4 digital (discontinued)
      • Mecablitz 26 AF-2
      • Mecablitz M400
    • using the new remote TTL slave ring flash - the mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital:
      • for TTL (on almost any digital camera system), it can act as a slave flash in TTL BUT ONLY if triggered by a flash with remote TTL capability (for Olympus, this means FL-50R or FL-36R)
      • it can be triggered by PC sync cable in manual mode as well.
      • unfortunately, they did not make it capable of being a TTL master unit as this would have really made it a killer flash capability!
      • comes with lens adapter rings for 52mm, 55mm, 58mm lenses and optionally, 62mm, 67mm and 72mm adapters.
    • using a digital SCA Metz flash with interchangeable adapters to allow use on other camera systems:
      • for Olympus/Panasonic Four Thirds dSLRs (SCA 3000 TTL system is NOT compatible with Micro Four Thirds) you will need the SCA 3002 adapter with latest firmware update (M6) and a digitally-designed Mecablitz flash unit such as:

Metz flash system

  • see here and here for camera/flash/adapter combinations and available functionality
  • see here for Metz manuals
  • for TTL, each Metz flash connects to the camera via a SCA adapter module +/- cord. The SCA adapter module has a hotshoe on its under-surface, while its top surface has connections for a slide on Metz flash or Metz adapter cable. Obviously, handle flashes such as 45CL/CT series, 70MZ5 communicate to a module via cord as they cannot sit on a module directly.
  • remember digital TTL is different to analog film camera TTL
  • most modern Metz flashes have a AF illuminator beam in the SCA 3000 control, but as this gives a striped pattern, usually the camera must be set to using its central AF sensor only to utilise it. Some cameras do not support external AF illuminator beams.
  • there are various versions of each module adapter with sequentially number Mx that adds functionality for each new camera that comes out, all being backwardly compatible with earlier cameras of that make.
  • there are 2 main systems, each requiring their own adapter/cord:
    • SCA 300 for analog TTL flash communications
      • modules are:
        • standard hotshoe (no TTL) SCA 301 Olympus OM SCA 321 Canon SCA 311 Nikon SCA 343 (344) Leica SCA 351 Bronica SCA 386 Mamiya 645 SCA 396
      • accessories:
        • SCA 301 module - also has a minijack connection, useful for connecting to Pocket Wizards, etc., but you lose TTL.
        • SCA300 cord from flash to hotshoe adapter module, 12-36” coiled.
        • SCA300a System Adapter cord, for 45 & 60 series, connected to G15/16 Power Grip; 12-36“ coiled.
        • SCA300D - spacer to permit the use of 32CT7, 32MZ-3, 40 and 50 Series with SCA 300 AF and SCA 356 Modules.
        • SCA3008A - extension cord - Connects 300 series modules to 45CT/CL 3/4 and 60CT4 flashes connected to power grip.
        • SCA300E - converter - SCA344,373,386 and 396 to SCA Shoe mount and 50 series.
        • SCA307a Module to flash ext. cord, 12-36” coiled.
        • SCA500c converter to 300 series modules for 45CT-5 & 60CT-2 flashes, connected to G15/16 Power Grip; 12-36“ coiled.
    • SCA 3002 for more advanced digital flash communications:
      • modules are:
        • Canon SCA 3102
          • Canon E-TTL and high speed synch supported on 54MZ, 76MZ-5 digital, 45CL4 digital
          • Metz normal TTL or Metz Remote Cordless TTL is not compatible with Canon digital SLRs
        • Nikon SCA 3402
          • Nikon i-TTL supported on 54MZ-4i, 76MZ-5 digital, 45CL4 digital, 70MZ-5 (later models), 44MZ-2
          • Nikon 3D multi-sensor fill-in flash supported on 54MZ-4i, 76MZ-5 digital, 45CL4 digital, 70MZ-5
          • Metz normal TTL or Metz Remote Cordless TTL is not compatible with Nikon digital SLRs
        • Olympus SCA 3202 
          • older Olympus digitals such as the C-3000Z, C-3030Z, C-3040Z & C4040Z have a 5-pin system for the flash socket, so the Metz adapter must be mounted on a Olympus FLBK01 flash bracket which must be connected to the camera via the Olympus FLCB01 flash bracket cable.
          • any version is compatible with the Olympus C8080 (and presumably the Olympus C5060):
            • pre-flash TTL even with spot-metering - now that is impressive!! sure beats non-spot-metering.
            • AF illuminator beam works in tandem with camera's beam (but can't turn off camera beam without turning off the SCA beam)
            • motor zoom works on the MZ flashes
            • SCA control unit displays camera settings
            • for some reason, red-eye reduction works in TTL mode but severely under-exposes in A mode on the flash.
            • 2nd curtain mode works.
          • M3 or later is needed for compatibility with the E-1
          • M4 or later is needed for compatibility with the E300/330/500 else no camera data is sent to flash.
          • M5 or later is needed for compatibility with 45CL-4 digital flash and needs SCA 3045 connection cable but does not seem to support SuperFP flash sync as does the Olympus FL50.
          • Metz TTL support for Olympus E series digital SLRs is only with the following Metz flashes:
            • 54MZ-4i; 45CL4 digital; 44MZ-2; 76MZ-5 digital;
            • limited TTL capabilities may be available with 54MZ, 70MZ, 50MZ-5
              • I get variable results with my E330 and Metz 50MZ-5.
            • limited TTL capabilities is only possible with 45CL4 & 40MZ with some non-SLR Olympus digitals
            • in addition, 45CL-4 does not support Shutter Priority and Programmed Exposure modes in non-TTL mode, nor correct exposure confirmation but AF measuring beam does work via the SCA 3000C cable's inbuilt AF measuring beam (the 45CL-4 digital uses the SCA 3045 cable instead for this).
            • flash bracketing in auto mode A only with 54MZ, 70MZ-5, 76MZ-5
          • older Metz Remote Cordless TTL is not compatible with Olympus E digital SLRs
          • Metz Slave Flash mode is not supported on Olympus E-1 and E-300;
          • Olympus E-1, E-10, E-20 do not support external AF illuminator function, and for some reason it does not seem to work with my E330 and a Metz 50MZ-5
        • Pentax SCA 3702
        • Sony SCA 3602
        • Mamiya SCA 3952
        • Leica SCA 3502
      • accessories:
        • SCA3007a ext. cord, hotshoe to hotshoe, 13”-4.5' coiled. AF sensor.
        • SCA3000a adapter cord hotshoe to G16, 13“-4.5' coiled. AF sensor.
        • SCA3000c converter
          • 3002 Series module to 45 CT/CL 3/4 and 60CT4 when connected to G16 Power Grip. 23”-4.5' coiled; 
          • Built-in AF sensor retains accuracy of focus. Requires 4 AAA batteries.
          • probably not worth getting unless you are using older digitals or film cameras as TTL may not be compatible with the newer digital SLRs.

Metz SCA flash guns

  • BEWARE TTL is not available with all Metz flash and digital cameras, check Metz website for compatibility.
  • the Metz SCA system was developed in 1979

45 series

  • handle style flashes with GN45 using alkaline or Metz 45-40 NiCd AA battery clusters or P50 power pack;
  • coloured filters: 45-32;
  • early models were the CT ones, replaced by the TTL capable & SCA 3002 capable CL ones
  • 35mm wide angle with diffuser for 28mm;
  • optional 8“x10” Bounce Card which attaches at a 45deg angle and seems to be slightly warm white
  • optional telephoto attachment 45-33 which effectively doubles the GN but is big, although light - I have got one

current model

45CL-4 digital
    • supports Canon's E-TTL, Nikon's i-TTL and D-TTL, Olympus TTL and Konica Minolta's ADI, as well as providing optional new power pack P-76 which attaches to your belt.
    • does NOT support Metz Remote TTL system
    • does not support system remote TTL flash
    • the secondary flash should not be activated in TTL mode
  • similar to 45CL-4 but updated to be compatible with most digital camera TTL systems (including Olympus Four Thirds dSLR system but not yet compatible with Micro Four Thirds system - this is coming)
  • base kit costs ~$US520 plus for digital TTL, you need SCA-3045 (~$80 - this is included with the $699 kit which also includes a 45-56 NiMH battery pack and charger) and a camera-specific SCA module such as the Canon SCA 3102 (~$90)
    • the P76 power pack will halve your recycle time but costs ~$500
  • should you buy a 45 CL-4 digital?
    • most would be better off with a smaller hotshoe flash
    • those wanting ability to use a powerful TTL flash on multiple camera systems should consider the more expensive Metz 76MZ-5
    • if one wants this style of flash and can't afford the Metz 76MZ-5, or already have accessories for the Metz 45 series then this flash will provide a reasonable option giving more power at wide angle than most hotshoe mounted flash, and you get the secondary light for catch-lights, ease of manual or auto mode use via the large top dial, but unfortunately no zoom or remote TTL capability.

discontinued models

  • 45CL-4: 
    • secondary light;  TTL; 6 auto settings (f/2.8-16);
    • 3 manual modes (GN 45, 32, 22) + “Winder” mode (1/64th) for 2fps GN8;
    • $US420 new; $A200-$A250 on EBay 2nd hand.
    • requires additional SCA300 cord for analog TTL to connect to a SCA 300 module for film cameras with TTL
    • requires additional SCA3000c adapter for digital TTL to connect to a SCA 3002 digital hotshoe adapter but limited digital TTL capabilities (see under SCA adapters)
  • 45CL-3:
    • as for CL-4 but no secondary light
    • optional Mecamat 45-46 to give more output control
  • 45CL-1: 
    • as for CL-3 but no TTL and only 1 manual mode
    • NB. no mecamat available for this model as mecamat's require use of the TTL setting and the pins in the outputs
  • 45CT-5:
    • as for CL-4 but CT version, but:
      • only 2 manual settings M (full) and W (winder = 1/64th), thus need Mecamat for further control
      • optional Mecamat 45-46 to give more output control
      • no digital TTL or SCA 3002 capability
      • as with the 60CT-2, uses unique discontinued Metz SCA 500C cables for analog TTL with only some cameras 
      • uses same PC sync cord as 60CT-1 & 60CT-2
      • THUS AVOID this model
  • 45CT-4:
    • similar to CL-4 but CT version and fortunately doesn't have the cord incompatibility issues of the CT-5.
    • voltage appears to be safe.
  • 45CT-3:
    • TTL; 6 auto settings (f/2.8-16); M, M/2, M/4 and Winder modes
    • single flash tube
    • uses sync cords 45-49, 45-47 as for 45CL-4
    • optional Mecamat 45-46 to give more output control
  • 45CT-1:
    • single light; 1 manual mode; auto modes; no TTL/Winder mode; ~$A100 Ebay;
    • optional Mecamat 45-43 to give more output control (model 45-20 for serial no's below 534,000)
    • voltage issues according to the Metz website:
      • “Metz mecablitz 45-CT 1 units featuring a model number that is smaller than 534 000 are fitted with a so-called high-voltage ignition circuit. These flash units must not be directly connected to modern cameras as this could even damage the camera!
        All other flash units of the Metz mecablitz 45 CT and 45 CL series feature a low-voltage ignition circuit in keeping with the current standard.”
    • uses special PC sync cord (45-52), different from all other models, thus avoid if possible
  • batteries:
    • runs on 6 batteries housed as either an 9V alkaline kit or a 7.2V rechargeable NiCd kit.
    • Metz advise against using NiMH rechargeable batteries in the alkaline kit as they are lower voltage and your GN will be reduced - in my tests, your GN of 45m at ISO 100 becomes GN 32m.
    • the terminal of each type of battery kit is placed differently so that the flash capacitor can manage the final voltage appropriately and this voltage is usually within 3% variance otherwise there is risk of damage to the flash capacitor.
    • the current drawn is said to average 2-4 amps with peak 5-12 amps after a full power shot is discharged.
    • Quantum manufacture 9V external lead acid battery kits such as the Quantum 2 - I bought one.

discontinued 60 series

  • as for 45 series but GN60 & use external dryfit or NiCd cells
  • 35mm wide angle with diffuser for 28mm;
  • 60CT-4:
    • produced from 1986-2006
    • swivelling head
    • secondary light; film camera TTL; 8 auto settings; manual settings; Winder mode
    • full output flash duration = 1/200th sec = GN 60m at ISO 100
    • 1/256th output duration = 1/8500th sec = GN 4m at ISO 100
    • wide angle diffuser; 1st or 2nd shutter sync
    • SCA 300 system
    • can also be used with SCA 3002 adapter and a SCA 3000C connecting cable which may allow AF measuring beam function, TTL fill-in function and TTL flash exposure compensation with certain cameras
    • supplied with 60-38 battery and charger.
    • $US850 new with dryfit battery;
  • 60CT-2: avoid - see under 45CT-5; also high voltage may damage digital cameras
  • 60CT-1:  6 auto settings; $US620 new;high voltage may damage digital cameras

SCA MZ motorized zoom series

  • motorised zoom 24-105mm, GN reflects that at 105mm focal length; AF assist beam; diffuser for 20mm;
  • note: non-handle style MZ's can be used off camera via the SCA 3008A connecting cable;

current models

76 MZ-5 digital
  • 76MZ-5 digital: as for 70MZ-5 but i-TTL, D-TTL, E-TTL and GN76 at 105mm and GN54 at 50mm;

discontinued models

54MZ-4i digital
  • 2006 model; GN 54m at ISO 100 and 105mm zoom. GN 40m at 50mm zoom; GN 31m at 28mm zoom;
  • digital TTL compatible; secondary light; 12 auto; Metz cordless TTL; modelling lamp; strobe; wide diffuser;
  • 4xAA batteries; vert bounce -7, 0, 60, 75, 90 deg; horizontal swivel -90 to +180deg;
  • secondary reflector on/off switch - secondary light gives 15% of total combined output; can be reduced via diffuser. Not available in strobe mode;
  • flash mode button: TTL/Auto (12 apertures)/Manual (down to 1/256th) /Stroboscopic (1-50Hz)
  • select button and setting disk: bleep/auto switch off/rear or 2nd curtain sync/model light/zoom formats/flash bracketing
  • setting disk (push/rotate): ISO/Zoom/flash exposure correction
  • Mode button + turn then push disk give TTL sub-modes: Metz remote channel 1 / Metz remote channel 2 /
    • plus if Canon SCA 3102 foot: E-TTL / E-TTL HSS
    • plus if Nikon SCA 3402 foot: matrix-controlled fill-in flash / 3D multisensor fill in flash
    • plus if Minolta SCA 3302 foot: TTL HSS
  • “digital” version is TTL compatible with Olympus/Panasonic Four Thirds or Micro Four Thirds (the older 54MZ4 model is not compatible)
  • remote mode uses Metz TTL/Auto/Manual technology and this unit can be a master but requires SCA 3083 slave foot to act as a slave
  • 480g; flash duration 1/200th to 1/26,000th sec.
  • unlike the new system flashes, this model cannot be updated
  • $US380 (std foot) / $US400 (3002 foot) new;
older models with limited digital TTL compatibility
  • 70MZ-5: secondary light; handle style; 12 auto settings; cordless TTL; modelling lamp; strobe; slave; $US800 new;
  • 70MZ-4; as above but no secondary light/modelling lamp/strobe; $US550 new;
  • 50MZ-5: introduced in 1994; 1st time a flash includes 3 microchips; handle style; limited TTL with newer digital SLRs; secondary light; modelling lamp; strobe; cordless TTL; slave;
  • 44MZ-2: $US200 new;


  • 76MZ:
    • P50 or P76 power packs;
    • same filters, diffuser and bounce reflector as 70MZ;
  • 50MZ and 70MZ:
    • batteries: 50-40 (NiCd); 50-45 (NiMH but needs different charger to 50-40); P50 power pack;
    • coloured filters: 50-32;
  •  54MZ:
    • P50 or P40 power packs;
    • coloured filters: 44-32;

camera-dedicated shoe-mount "System" flashes

  • specific for only one camera type either Nikon/Canon/Minolta/Sony/(Olympus/Panasonic)

current models

feature 24AF-1 36AF-5 44AF-1 50AF-1 58AF-2 64 AF-1
GN m max. zoom 24 at 35mm 36 at 85mm 44 at 105mm 50 at 105mm 58 at 105mm 64 at 200mm
secondary light N N N N Y 3 ratios Y
optional ext. power pack N N N N Y P76+V58-50 cable Y
stroboscopic N N N N Y Y
auto apertures 0 0 0 0 12 12
manual levels 0 0 4 8 256 256?
HSS /SuperFP N N N Y Y Y
remote TTL N N slave slave/servo master/servo/slave (no master for Olympus though) as for 58AF-2?
model light N N Y Y Y Y
motor zoom N N Y Y Y Y
zoom 35mm 28-85mm 24-105mm 24-105mm 24-105mm 24-200mm
horizontal swivel N N Y Y Y Y
Metz 64 AF-1 digital
  • late 2014
  • similar feature set to 58 AF-2 but:
    • GN 64m ISO 100
    • backlit touch display
    • master and slave remote TTL
58AF-2 digital
  • TTL, 12 auto apertures, 25 partial manual output levels, strobo, HSS, metal base, model light, 24-105mm zoom + 12mm diffuser
  • secondary reflector with 3 light ratios
  • vertical and horizontal swivel
  • integrated reflector card and wide diffuser; USB firmware updates;
  • GN 58m at ISO 100 and 105mm zoom; GN 42m at 50mm zoom;
  • system-compatible wireless TTL (works with camera's built-in flash not just with another Metz master flash)
  • this is an awesome flash!
50AF-1 digital
  • similar to 58AF-2 digital but no secondary light, GN 50m at 105mm, only 8 partial levels, no auto apertures, no master remote TTL, no strobo mode and no power pack option.
44AF-1 digital
  • similar to 50AF-1 digital but GN 44m at 105mm, remote TTL only as slave, only 4 partial levels, and no HSS
36AF-5 digital
  • similar to 44AF-1 digital but GN 36m at 85mm, no swivel only vertical tilt, zoom is only 28-85mm and manual, diffuser separate, no manual or auto mode, no wireless TTL support, no model light
  • NOT recommended as no swivel and no manual mode with reduced output!
24AF-1 digital
  • similar to 36AF-5 digital but GN 24m at 35mm, no zoom, no diffuser, no auto shutoff

discontinued models

  • 44AF series
  • 36AF series
  • 48 AF-1 digital and 58 AF-1 digital:

slave/servo flashes

  • flashes which act as slaves to a master Metz flash
  • 28CS-2 digital - self-learning technology
  • 15MS-1 digital macro “ring” flash
    • the only wireless TTL ring flash currently available and supports IR remote TTL of Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Four Thirds, Micro Four Thirds (requires firmware v3 or higher), Samsung and Sony
    • wireless manual exposure mode with “learning” capability to ignore on-camera pre-flashes
      • manual mode the total output can be set to from full power to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 or 1/64th full power
    • clip on plastic diffuser
    • 2 x AAA batteries
    • one of the lightest “ring flashes” although really a twin flash with each flash being able to be angled by 20deg within the ring frame and variable output from each flash
    • modeling light
    • AF assist light
    • adapters to fit lens filter threads of 52mm, 55mm and 58mm; adapter rings in the sizes 62, 67 and 72 mm are optionally available
    • comes with a on-camera flash clip to prevent that flash causing shadows on macro subjects
    • PC sync outlet
    • USB port for firmware updates
    • GN 15m ISO 100
    • only weighs 190g excl. batteries
    • standard 1/4-20 tripod socket on the bottom for tripod mounting
    • generally sells for $US399
    • issues:
      • it is NOT a ring flash but a twin flash
      • lighting from above with the flash diffuser on is still quite harsh
      • angle of flash is limited to 50mm focal length lenses on APS-C cameras
      • requires firmware upgrade to TTL sync with Micro Four Thirds cameras but Servo Sync still does not synchronise - if using Servo mode (non-TTL), use Server PC sync cord mode instead

non-TTL shoe mount flashes

  • 36C-2 - 3 auto settings; manual zoom; $US80 new;
  • 36M-1 - manual only; $US62 new;
  • 34C-2 - digital cameras; 3 auto settings; built-in slave; non-TTL but can also work as a wireless TTL slave;  $US160 new;
  • 20C-2

other Metz accessories

Third party accessories for Metz flashes

  • Paramount cords:
  • Quantum Turbo Rechargeable Battery Power Pack:
    • Turbo charger AC QT43 $A127
    • Turbo charger car QT46 $A275
    • cable to power Metz:
      • CM1 for Metz 45CT 1,5 $A127
      • CM4 for Metz 45CT 3,4 and 45 CL 1,3,4 $A127
      • CM5 for Metz 54MZ-3 and 70MZ 4,5 $A154
      • modules available for some other Metz flashes see catalogue
      • can also get cables specific for other flashes and some digital cameras
    • connector for powering two flashes QT48 Dual $A226


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