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lens adapters


  • there are almost none for Nikon cameras as very few lenses can be adapted to Nikon F dSLR system.
  • there are a multitude available for mirrorless camera systems cameras
  • basic adapters do not allow control of AF, optical IS or aperture from the camera, nor do they record lens information in the image EXIF data
  • adapters with an AF-confirm CPU chip may allow:
    • manual focus confirmation on dSLRs using the camera's AF sensors to detect when a subject is in focus
    • some may allow recording of a pre-set focal length and aperture into the EXIF data of an image - this needs to be programmed.
  • some adapters are fully electronic and allow AF, optical IS and aperture control
  • some adapters are special purpose such as tilt-shift adapters

basic lens adapters

with tripod mount for larger lenses


tilt-shift capability

  • these convert lenses into tilt or shift lenses (or both)


www.adrianololli.com_public_3107_3.jpg www.adrianololli.com_public_3107_4.jpg


AF-confirm chip lens adapters

  • these allow dSLRs (but not mirrorless cameras) to display when subject is in focus during manual focus using phase contrast AF sensors
  • AF-confirm does not work in Live View mode and thus does not work on mirrorless camera systems
  • these will cause an error if directly connected to a Panasonic camera - use basic adapters instead.
  • the most common chip used is a Dandelion programmable chip which you can buy separately and glue to a basic adapter.
  • search Ebay for cheaper Chinese versions

manual aperture-control lens adapters

  • mainly for use with lenses without aperture rings - eg. Nikon G, Minolta AF, Pentax K, Canon EOS
  • if you use an adapter without aperture control on these lenses, the aperture will be fixed wide open unless you stopped it down on a dSLR of the same brand by holding down the DOF preview button as you removed the lens - the aprture will then be fixed at the aperture set prior to removal of the lens.
  • search Ebay for cheaper Chinese versions:
    • Big-is brand is preferable, nice aperture ring, less play, flange distance more accurate and less paint flakig=ng internally than the Fotga brand

powered aperture control lens adapters

AF, optical IS and aperture control lens adapters

    • Sigma, Metabones, etc adapters for Canon EF lenses to Sony E-mount (also Nikon to Sony)
  • Panasonic and Olympus Four-Thirds to Micro Four Thirds adapters - these cost ~$200
  • Canon EOS EF to Micro Four Thirds adapters
    • Kipon Canon EF/EF-S AF adapter for MFT $US285
      • aperture control, on-sensor PDAF support, fast CDAF, optical IS support but no C-AF or video AF support1)
      • 2016 as of firmware v2.2 on Olympus OM-D cameras:
        • relatively fast PDAF support for E-M1 with certain lenses BUT NOT Canon EF 135mm f/2.0L lens which will not AF with the E-M1 but will do via CDAF on other cameras
          • this quirk arises as the E-M1 defaults to PDAF mode only (and no CDAF) is the attached lens is not recognised as having CDAF compatibility - unfortunately user cannot force the E-M1 to use CDAF mode
        • relatively fast CDAF on cameras excluding E-M1, including face detect AF
        • multi-pt area AF, C-AF and AF tracking modes do NOT work well
        • OIS works if lens OIS is ON but no dual IS support at this stage
      • see also the Metabones Speed Booster 0.71x focal reducer adapter!!
    • Viltrox AF EF-M1 adapter
      • announced may 2017, Canon EF to MFT
  • Sony have a basic adapter for Sony alpha lenses for NEX cameras with aperture control but no AF
  • Sony have a large, expensive phase contrast AF adapter for Sony alpha lense on NEX cameras

AF, optical IS and aperture control lens adapters with drop-in filter slot

  • Kipon EF-S/E AF ND lens adapter for Canon EF and EF-S to Sony NEX E mount
    • announced Feb 2016 and RRP $US428

AF for MF lenses

  • Techart Leica M to Sony NEX E-mount
    • announced Feb 2016 and incorporates a AF motor to move the lens according to camera's phase detect sensor
    • RRP $US349

wireless remote controlled manual focus and aperture lens adapters +/- variND for cine/video work

focal length reducer adapters

with aperture control and OIS


mechanical aperture control only

  • Fotodiox Pro EXCELL +1:
    • introduced mid 2014 with better optics to replace the Light Cannon
    • manual aperture control ring
    • 0.72x reducer = 1 stop faster aperture
    • $159
    • Nikon G to MFT
    • Canon FD to MFT
  • Vizelex Light Cannon
    • 0.72x reducer
    • Nikon F/G to MFT adapter also includes a manual aperture control ring
      • $US159
      • unfortunately users have reported very poor image quality with lots of blooming, and aberrations - might be OK for dreamy shots though
  • Zhongyi Mitakon Lens Turbo

non-AF, drop-in filter adapters

  • these adapters allow a filter to be “dropped in” to the adapter thereby allowing the same filter to be used irrespective of which lens is being used
  • this is very handy when using lens with very large filter threads or no filter threads such as ultra-wide angle lenses or fisheye lenses
    • if only they would make one for Four Thirds to Micro Four Thirds - be very handy for use with the Olympus ZD 7-14mm f/4 lens with a ND400 filter for long exposure bright sun shots of blurred water
  • having a filter in place also allows changing lenses without risk of dust entering the camera body and landing on the sensor
  • examples:

variable neutral density filter adapters

  • these are adapters which allow a variable neutral density filter within the adapter to change the light transmission without affecting aperture which is highly desirable in videography in particular
  • variable neutral density filters tend to give weird artefacts on wide angle lenses
    • no ability to change aperture
    • Canon EF lens to Sony NEX or MicroFourThirds
    • ~$US315
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