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Fujifilm GFX 100S


  • announced Sept 2018 and available late June 2019
  • this camera revolutionizes the digital medium format market as it brings together for the 1st time:
    • 100mp medium format sensor (the 1st camera with medium-format BSI backside illuminated sensor)
    • 100% coverage PDAF with Face and Eye detection AF (PDAF a 1st for medium format)
    • IBIS (1st for a medium format)
    • 5fps burst (the fastest medium format?) with AF tracking
    • 4K video (1st medium format with 4K video)
    • and not only achieves this but does so for under $US10,000
  • approximately the size and weight of the Nikon D5
  • the 8bit JPEG files are 30-70Mb each, we are yet to see how massive the 100mp 16bit RAW files will be!
    • you will need a LOT of storage and super powerful computers to edit these especially if you use layers!


  • 102mp 43.8 x 32.9mm sensor with 100% coverage 3.8million points PDAF with 425 selectable. No AA filter.
  • “14EV dynamic range”
  • 425 CDAF points
  • quad core X-Processor 4 engine
  • detachable electronic viewfinder - similar swivel 3.7MP OLED viewfinder as the GFX 50S but not compatible
  • top LCD info display with virtual dials display
  • rear small LCD info display
  • 2x AF speed of the 50R; AF down to -2 EV
  • face and eye detection AF
  • 16bit RAW or 14bit compressed RAW
  • 5fps burst with AF tracking albeit at 14 bit compressed RAW
  • shutter assembly suspended by four springs to minimize shutter shock
  • “5.5EV” IBIS
  • firmware update Nov 2020 adds 16 image pixel shift 400mp mode
  • weather resistant (95 sealed points) and has built-in vertical grip (albeit slippery and slim) for improved handling and holds two NPT125 batteries rates at 800 shots for the pair
  • 4K (full width of sensor) 30p 400Mbps 4:2:0 10-bit; F-log Rec.2020; 4:2:2 uncompressed HDMI output
  • 3.2-inch touchscreen, 2.36 million dots with tridirectional tilt
  • dual UHS-II SD card slots; USB-C in-camera charging or powering;
  • 16 Film Simulation modes;
  • new “Smooth Skin Effect” function
  • WiFi/Bluietooth;
  • tethering to Capture One software
  • 1.4kg with two batteries, and EVF - almost twice as heavy as the 50S!
  • $US9,999


    • “From the point of view of image quality alone, the GFX 100 is the best camera we've ever reviewed (though its larger sensor 150MP peers should out-perform it). The new BSI sensor and higher pixel count of the GFX 100 puts clear water between it and even the best smaller sensor cameras, and if you need the kind of detail that the GFX 100 offers, there's no more affordable way to get it. On top of this, its in-body stabilization, autofocus performance and well-designed user interface make it significantly more flexible (and usable) than other medium format competitors”
    • issues:
      • Control dials feel small and cheap
      • Autofocus performance is fast for medium format but isn't impressive compared to smaller format cameras
      • Portrait orientation grip is slim and slippery
      • Portrait orientation controls don't mimic normal orientation layout
      • On-sensor AF causes banding, slightly limiting usable dynamic range
      • We found it hard to find a dial setup that worked smoothly
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