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timeline of development of dSLR cameras

dSLR technologies

year Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Other
1999 new 2EV IS line of L lenses 2.6mp; d-TTL flash; FL-40 TTL flash for 2.3mp C-2500L fixed lens
2000 wireless E-TTL flash G-type lenses w/o aperture rings E-100RS 1.3mp 10x zoom fixed lens
2001 5mp E-10 4mp interlaced scan fixed lens
2002 11mp FF 1st full frame dSLR 6mp DX E-20 5mp interlaced and progressive scan fixed lens
2003 wireless iTTL flash Minolta DiMAGE A1 5mp fixed lens world 1st sensor IS sensor dust removal; 1st 43 dSLR; new TTL flash protocol FL-36/50; 50mm macro one of sharpest lenses ever made; 300mm f/2.8;
2004 16mp FF; E-TTL II flash 12mp DX Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D 6mp with world 1st dSLR with sensor IS; Sony DSC-828 8mp prosumer fixed C8080WZ 8mp prosumer fixed; 150mm f/2.0; 7-14mm f/4;
2005 Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D 1st constant f/2.0 zoom lenses: 14-35mm and 35-100mm; 90-250mm f/2.8;
2006 sensor dust removal 1st Sony dSLR a100; E330 7.5mp full time live view
2007 21mp FF sensor dust removal; 12mp FF 1st Nikon FX dSLR E510 10mp sensor 3-4EV IS + live view; SWD AF lenses;
2008 HD video; Live view; HD video; Live view; new TS macro lenses IS; 24mp FF wireless TTL flash; swivel LCD; CD-AF capable lenses; Pan. G1 MicroFourThirds mirrorless Leica S2 super-FF
2009 16-18mp APS-C; 22mp FF; new TSE lenses; swivel LCD; PW radio TTL; new 3-4EV OIS lenses/start of lens upgrades; 24mp FF Olympus PEN MFT MFT GH-1 1080i HD Video; Leica M9 FF rangefinder;
2010 new 3-4EV OIS lenses PW radio TTL; Oly HD video; Oly 5EV IS
2011 SLT fixed mirror; NEX7 mirrorless MFT: touch screen AF; fastest AF now CD-AF; 12mm /2.0; 45mm f/1.8 GH-3 v.high quality video
2012 radio TTL flash; D800 36mp FF OM-D 16mp 9fps mirrorless with 5-axis 5EV IS; 75mm f/1.8
2013 Olympus OM-D E-M1 on-sensor phase detect AF GX-7 at last sensor IS

professional cropped sensor dSLRs

year Canon Nikon Sony Olympus
1998 D2000; D6000;
1999 D1 2.6mp 4.5fps
2001 1D 4mp 8fps D1X 5mp 3fps, D1H 2.6mp 5fps
2002 D100 6mp 3fps
2003 D2H 4mp 8fps, i-TTL flash E-1: 5mp 5fps
2004 1D Mark II: 8mp 8.5fps e-TTL II flash D2X 12mp 5fps
2005 1D Mark IIN: 8mp 8.5fps D200 10mp; D2HS 4mp 8fps
2006 D2Xs 12mp 5fps
2007 1D Mark III: 10mp 10fps D300 - 12mp 6-8fps E3: 10mp 5fps
2008 a700: 12mp
2009 1D Mark IV 16mp 10fps; 7D: 18mp 8fps D300s - 12mp DX, HD video
2010 E5: 12mp 5fps, 720p HD video

professional full frame sensor dSLRs

year Canon Nikon Sony Other
2002 1Ds 11mp 3fps
2004 Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c 13.5mp; 1Ds Mark II 16.6mp 4fps Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n 13.5mp
2007 1Ds Mark III: 21mp, 5fps D3 12mp 9fps
2008 a900 24.6mp, IS Leica S2 38mp 1.5fps super full frame 50% bigger
2009 D3s 12mp 9fps 720pHD; D3x 24.5mp Leica M9 18mp rangefinder
2010 Pentax 645d 40mp medium format
2011 1D X: 18mp 12fps
2012 D4 16mp 9-11fps, HD video

other cropped sensor dSLRs

year Canon Nikon Sony Olympus
2000 D30 3mp 3fps
2002 D60 6mp 3fps
2003 300D/Rebel 6mp 2.5fps; 10D 6mp 3fps
2004 20D: 8mp 5fps; E-TTL II flash D70 6mp E300: 2.5fps 8mp
2005 350D/Rebel XT: 8mp 2.8fps; 20Da - special astrophotography version of 20D D50 6mp 2.5fps; D70S 6mp E500: 2.5fps 8mp; Pan. L1;
2006 30D: 8mp; 400D/Rebel XTi: 10mp dust protection D80 10mp 3fps Leica Digilux 3; E330 - 1st full time live view dSLR
2007 40D: 10mp, 6.5fps D40 / D40x E410; E510 10mp 3fps 1st in-camera IS plus Live View
2008 50D: 15mp; 450D: 12mp, 3.5fps D90 12mp - 1st dSLR with 720p HD video a200; a300; a350 E420/E520/E30 (swivel LCD) - wireless TTL flash
2009 D3000 a230/a330/a380/a500/a550 E600/620 - swivel LCD; E450; Micro Four Thirds system
2010 60D: 18mp, 5fps; 550D: 18mp 3.7fps; D7000; D3100 a560/a580; A33/A55 - SLT fixed mirror; Sony NEX E-mount camera system
2011 600D: 18mp, 3.7fps; 1100D: 12mp, 3fps D5100
2012 EM5 16mp, 9fps mirrorless

semi-pro full frame sensor dSLRs

year Canon Nikon Sony Other
2005 5D: 12.7mp 3fps
2008 5D MII: 21mp D700 12mp full frame 5fps
2009 a850: 24.6mp
2012 5D MIII: 22mp; radio TTL flash; D800 36mp 4fps FX / 15mp 6fps DX
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