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options on how to carry your camera - harnesses, belt mounts, etc


  • carrying photographic gear poses health issues with substantial risk of neck and back issues when carried for long periods
  • unless you really need a heavy system, think carefully about buying a lighter more compact system such as Micro Four Thirds system - your body will thank you for it in both the short term and long term
  • the two obvious solutions are:
  • there are many problems with shoulder straps including:
    • takes a little time to put the strap on the camera and take off
    • dangerous for your camera when camera is on a bench - someone walking by can easily catch the strap and your camera ends up broken on the floor
    • gets tangled up in your backpack, especially if you have two cameras
    • your camera is exposed to damage when bushwalking or climbing rocks unless you use one hand to stop it swinging freely and hiting ricks, but then you lose that hand for stopping you falling
    • the rear EVF of your camera tends to point up at the sun exposing it to potential permanent sun damage
    • will cause problems with your neck and back
    • the camera strap lugs on some cameras can be a weak point and result in the lug pulling out
  • the main problem with carrying it in your backpack, is you will miss many shots as you have to take off your back pack to access your camera

alternate solutions

belt mounts

  • there are various options
  • take care choosing the belt buckle as some cheaper ones may accidentally un-buckle!
  • ThinkPad belt system
    • one of the best belt solutions which also allows good protection for your camera
    • best used with camera/lens weighing < 1.5kg in each pouch otherwise the weight tends to twist the belt outwards with loss of support over the pelvic brim
  • for heavy pro cameras > 2lb, you will need to get the heavy weight solution such as:
  • for smaller dSLRs and mirrorless cameras, you are much more fortunate:
    • Click Holster:
      • single hand unclippable
      • able to be used on belts
      • less camera bounce and swinging and perhaps safer for your camera than the Chinese versions of the Black Widow holster which have a metal ball which can unscrew unexpectedly and drop your camera
    • Spider Camera Holster Black Widow Holster $US49, or the Chinese made equivalents on Ebay (~$8-15), or Chinese made full metal versions ($23)
      • consider adding a Spider Camera Holster Black Widow Thin Plate ($US16) if you also wish to have a tripod mount plate sitting on your camera - this should also work with the Chinese versions
      • consider adding a protective pad for your hip:
        • Spider Camera Holster Black Widow Belt Pad ($US16)
    • Capture Clip Pro (~$US80)
      • best for smaller, lighter cameras as excessive torque issue with heavier cameras
      • changing a lens is easier since the body is locked into a fixed position when engaged in the clip
      • not great for when using flash, etc
      • this seems to mount the camera with EVF towards the sun which is problematic
  • these can be combined with waist belts designed to attach other items such as lens pouches and even small tripods

shoulder harnesses for 1 or 2 cameras

usual hanging designs

  • generally have similar issues to shoulder straps and may save some neck issues

secured designs

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