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comparison of older Olympus OM-D cameras

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feature E-M10 E-M5 E-M5 II E-M1
date released Jan 2014 April 2012 Feb 2015 Oct 2013
price $AU Dec 2014 $A699 now $A491 $A1199 now $A449 $A1599 now $A878
image quality
sensor 16mp 16mp 16mp 16mp PDAF
dark frame noise for 60sec shots 1) good, to ISO 1600? good, to ISO 1600 ? poor, only good to ISO 400
sensor shift hi-res no no yes 40mp? no
AA filter removed no no ? yes
sensor IS 3 axis 5 axis 5 axis 5-axis enhanced
electronic 1st shutter to reduce shake yes no yes? yes
flash sync 1/200th 1/250th ? 1/320th
image capture
processing engine Truepic VII Truepic VI Truepic VII? Truepic VII
1/8000th sec no no ? yes
max. burst rate 8fps 9fps ? 10fps
max. burst rate with AF 3.5fps 4.2fps ? 6.5fps
RAW buffer 16 at 8fps, 20 at 3.5fps 11 at 9fps, 17 at 4.2fps 40 at 10fps, 51 at 6.5fps
AF with Four Thirds lenses slow slow slow? fast
PDAF no no no? 37 points
sensor CDAF 800pts 35 area 800? 81 area
C-AF tracking poor poor poor? good
exposure compensation ±5EV ±3EV ? ±5EV
WiFi remote control with Live View yes no yes yes
WiFi image transfer yes via WiFi SD cards only yes yes
Lightroom tethered shooting no no no yes
Auto HDR mode yes no yes? yes
HDR 2 or 3EV bracketing x 3 or 5 frames yes no yes? yes
Live Composite yes no yes yes
Live BULB / Timed yes yes yes yes
multi-exposure mode yes yes yes yes
intervalometer 999 frames 99 frames ? 999 frames
10fps 720p 16:9 time lapse movie yes no yes yes
build / ergonomics
dust/splash proof no yes yes yes
freeze proof no no ? yes
built-in grip no no no yes
built-in flash yes no no no
opt. basic compact grip yes yes yes N/A
opt. battery/portrait grip no HLD-6 yes HLD-7
2×2 switch cut-down version no no? yes
EVF 1.44m, 1.15x, 20mm eyepoint 1.44m, .92x, 18mm eyepoint ? 2.36m, 1.3x, 21mm eyepoint
LCD tilt touch screen 1.04mdot, adaptive brightness 610k dot 1.04mdot? 1.04mdot, adaptive brightness
PC sync socket no no no yes
accessory port no yes yes? yes
weight with battery 396g, 14oz 425g, 15oz 497g
size 119 x 82 x 46 mm (4.69 x 3.24 x 1.81″) 121 x 89.6 x 41.9mm (4.8 x 3.5 x 1.7“) 130.4 x 93.5 x 63.1mm
battery BLS-5 320 shot BLN-1 360 shot BLN-1 360 shot
HD video
max. output quality 24Mbps 30p 20Mbps 30p ? 24Mbps 30p
ext. mic no via acc. port 3.5mm port
other features
focus peaking yes via Art Filter yes yes
Color Creator yes no yes yes
Photo Story yes no yes yes
Art filters yes yes yes yes
Art Filter variations/effects yes no yes yes
auto lens priority OIS yes no yes yes
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