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Winnerwell Nomad wood camping stoves

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  • I don't sell any of these nor do I receive any remuneration if you buy them, and I have not personally reviewed all of them, they are listed here to give you perspective


  • these are well made high quality stainless steel stoves
  • a medium Nomad is small enough to easily fit on the floor of the rear seat of most cars - and ALL the chimney pipes are housed within the stove for transport
  • you need to also buy:
    • a flue brush cleaner of the correct size for the chimney 2.5“, 3” or 3.5“
    • a magnetic stove flue thermometers but these won't attach to stainless steel so you have to just sit them on the stove next to chimney
  • if using inside a hot tent, you also need:
    • fire mat $AU59-89 depending upon size and type (Carbon Fiber- Aluminum Foil rated to 400degC, cheaper silicone coated fibreglass rated to 250degC)
    • Winnerwell Triple-wall Heat Protector Chimney
      • 2.5” for a Nomad medium: $AU95 this has a 120mm external diameter and is quite heavy at around 1kg
      • if you use the Triple-wall Heat Protector Chimney only without the use of Flashing Kit or a fire retardant stove jack, there will be potential risk of melting or burning the tents especially if the triple shield is too close to the stove
      • must be installed on the third or higher than the third section chimney pipe of the stove. 
      • many people use a plain chimney section passed through a fire retardant stove jack without issues but you do need extra care the tent fabric does not touch the chimney
    • if no fire resistant stove jack and the tent is canvas then you may need a Winnerwell Flashing Kit SKU910311 (if using the medium triple-wall protector and you are making a hole in a canvas tent for it without a fire retardant stove jack in which case you should also get the metal disc to seal the flashing when not using a chimney) $AU77 this has a 120mm internal diameter and a 230mm external diameter (a bit too large for many tent stove jacks)
    • if the stove jack height is not the correct height for the triple shield section, you can buy a half height chimney section which may address this
    • if weight is an issue, then the Winnerwell Mesh Protector can be used instead of the Triple-Wall Heat Protector and is 500mm x 120mm diameter and 630g but flammable material should not be left in contact with mesh
  • if you need to put a bend in the chimney, you also need a support stand for the chimney.
  • optional extras:
    • water boiler (if you did not purchase the essentials pack)
    • pipe oven which fits between chimney pipes
    • flat folding oven sits on top of the stove (if you did not purchase the essentials pack)
    • extension legs for the Nomad
    • secondary combustion burner to generate more heat, provide more cooking surface and reduce black smoke (only available for the 3.1“ and 3.5” chimney models)

Camping model purchase decisions

  • do you want to hike with it?
    • you need to consider the much lighter titanium stoves with their roll up titanium chimneys instead of stainless steel stoves - but the chimneys can be a lot more difficult to assemble and pack up
  • do you want to use Heat Beads, or charcoal?
    • you need to look at cast iron stoves as these stainless steel stoves are not designed for anything other than dry seasoned wood
  • what size do you want?
    • the larger the stove, the larger the wood size which can be used which not only generates more heat thanks to allowing more wood to be burning but will burn longer as the wood size can be thicker
    • the smaller the stove, the more easily manageable it is - lighter, more compact, more readily fits on the floor of the rear of your car
  • how many side glass windows do you want?
    • glass side windows can add lovely ambience BUT they add weight, can break in transport, and increase the amount of flickering light in the tent which may be a problem for those who are sensitive to flickering light such as those who suffer from migraine.
  • 4 short legs or 3 longer tripod legs?
    • Winnerwell Nomad series has a rectangular firebox with 4 short folding legs
    • Winnerwell Woodlander series has a cylindrical-based firebox with 3 longer rounded folding tripod legs which are easier to pull out and close up than the Nomad legs
  • external air duct versions
    • these are new versions and have an air intake duct which allows the air to be drawn from outside the tent so you don't use up the oxygen inside the tent, and you don't create cold draughts
    • these do not have a removable top nor a front air intake door so they are also more sealed and will leak much less carbon monoxide into the tent (unless you open the main stove door)
    • the chimney does not have a damper (the older models had a damper but this takes up space when packed inside the stove and if accidentally closed would force smoke into the tent)
    • the top chimney flue segment and the spark arrester that sits on top of this are smaller diameter than 3.5“ which allows them to be packed inside the 3.5” segments
    • thus they are safer when used inside a tent - as long as the intake duct is outside the tent
    • BUT:
      • they are more bulky as they have the additional rear air intake protruding and you need to bring along the bulky duct
      • they are heavier as the duct weighs an extra 1.1kg while the stove itself now have two side windows which add further weight of ~1kg per window
        • if you want the lightest external air large version, the the Woodlander Plus without side windows comes in at 15.2kg for the stove - you may struggle to pack away all the chimney inside the firebox of the stove - not an issue if you replace one segment with a triple wall segment which would not pack away anyway.

General warning notes

  • FOLLOW the instructions to ensure you do not excessively warp it or break the glass!
    • temperature should be in the 250-370degC range or 500-700degF
    • ensure you do not overfill it with wood and block the chimney vent
    • only use dry seasoned wood as a fuel (hardwood is best)
  • ONLY use in well ventilated areas
    • although the external air versions may be OK in less ventilated spaces
    • if using inside a tent without an external air intake duct system, leaving the chimney damper fully open will reduce risk of smoke coming back into the tent but you will still get CO into tent when the fire dies down and is smouldering!
  • ensure flammable materials do not come within 30-100cm of the stove or chimney
    • chimney requires a fire resistant stove jack in the tent ceiling when used inside a tent
    • ensure tent and chimney are well guyed in winds to avoid tent material blowing onto hot part of chimney or the tent collapsing onto the stove, guying the top of the chimney will also reduce potential damage to base of the chimney in winds
    • running the stove very hot will increase risk of embers getting through the spark arrestor and melting holes in your tent fly
  • do not put on top of a tarp as a floor even with a Winnerwell fire mat protecting the tarp as the tarp will melt!
    • fire mats do not provide much thermal protection for the radiant heat
  • chimney pipes can become extremely hard to pull apart if bound with glazed creosote from prolonged low temperature burns
    • will need 2 people to pull them apart (don't twist)
    • prevent by avoiding prolonged low temperature burns
    • can clean the creosote glaze off with stainless steel spray cleaner and steel wool
    • can clean the creosote glaze off glass windows with either a dry steel wire pad designed for this, or wet method with a special cleanser fluid


Winnerwell Nomad PLUS Double View External Air

  • this is the one to go for if you wish to use it in an enclosed tent as gases are less able to escape into the tent due to the air intake being attached to a tube that runs outside your tent which also allows the stove to use oxygen from outside the tent instead of using up the oxygen inside a poorly ventilated tent, plus there is no removable top part to create an air gap
  • Medium version
    • stowed dimensions: 510(L)mm×265(W)mm×300(H)mm
    • Firebox Dimension: 360(L)mm×200(W)mm×210(H)mm
    • the downsides compared to the standard Nomad Medium are:
      • it uses a larger 76mm 3“ chimney pipe (not compatible with other size Nomads)
      • at 11.8kg it is 1.8kg heavier (with extra window than the standard Nomad medium) plus 1.1kg for the air duct;
      • more bulky - at 510mm long, it is too large for the floor of the rear seat of your car as this will only take a stove up to 490mm long although you could probably fit it upside down so the air intake duct is near the top and goes over the driveshaft
    • additional advantage over the usual Nomad Medium:
      • an added advantage over the usual medium Nomads is that it allows use of an optional secondary combustion component but this will cost ~$AU229
      • BOTH sides have large windows not just one side
  • Large version:
  • if you want the lightest Large external air stove - go for the Winnerwell Woodlander Plus External Air Large without side windows - 15kg excl. air duct and uses the standard 3.5“ chimney pipes

Winnerwell Nomad View 1G 1 side window L-sized Large

Winnerwell Nomad 1G 1 side window Medium

  • stove body 380(L) x 200(W) x 210(H) mm / 15(L) (15” x 8“ x 8.3”) - fits nicely on floor rear seat most cars
  • 9.8kg; 3.6m 2.5“ pipe;
  • stove surface available to sit an oven is 30x20cm
  • removable circular hot plate for direct flame cooking
  • this is mainly a cooking stove - it will not warm you up outside on a cold night unless you are 1-2 feet away!
    • it will heat up a 3.8m diameter tipi tent such as the OneTigris Rock Fortress with both its doors widely open:
      • with minimal breeze and ambient temperatures of around 15degC and the stove burning well at around 300degC:
        • the air at 1m from the ground tends to be around 24degC
        • the air above this readily rises to around 40-50degC near the top
        • the floor remains about 2degC above ambient if not exposed to direct radiant heat
        • one could lie on the floor within about 30cm of the stove as long as you have no way of accidentally touching the stove - a 2P mozzie tent works well at this distance but only if there is no breeze and you have fully controlled environment - no kids/pets, etc.
        • using the triple shield for the chimney, this remains at well under 40degC and thus works really well to protect the tent around the stove jack - make sure the tent does notcome in contact with other parts of the chimney or stove!
  • cools down relatively quickly to allow packing away within an hour or so
  • do not try to carry it assembled by one person as chimney pipes may warp stove if on an angle

Optional accessories

Winnerwell Pipe Oven for Nomad medium

  • a great accessory which fits BETWEEN the chimney flue pipes and is installed on top of the 1st flue pipe which has the damper
  • the hot smoke passes around the enclosed cavity on the sides and rear of the oven then escaped up the chimney pipe (the smoke does not enter the cooking part of the stove)
  • there is NO pipe running through the middle of the oven
  • the flue pipes are 2.5” diameter to fit the Nomad medium - will NOT fit the Nomad large which has 3.5“ chimney pipes
  • the oven has a temperature gauge and a glass observation window as well as 2 removable stainless steel wire type shelves
  • great for warming up frozen meat pies - will take two pies at a time and take around 40min to defrost and heat up to a crispy pie - bring a meat thermometer to check!
  • Do NOT use olive oil as its flashpoint is too low and is likely to ignite if touches oven floor - use sunflower oil or even better safflower oil which has an even higher flashpoint
  • 22.5x15cm (9×6” wide) baking chamber, 2 trays;
  • 242(L) x 220(W) x 220(H) mm / 9.5(L) x 8.7(W) x 8.7(H) in - it is ~25mm shorter than a normal pipe section;
  • 3.9kg / 8.6lbs
  • I transport mine on the floor of front passenger side of car, with the stove on the floor of the rear passenger side
  • the temperature of the oven can be regulated via a number of methods:
    • changing the amount of smoke flow via opening/closing the damper below it
    • changing the intensity of the fire by adding wood or opening the front vent (ensure the fire temperature does NOT exceed the stove's recommended limit of 700degF or 370degC) - use a flue magnetic stove thermometer to keep an eye on this!
      • a stove flue temp of around 300degC is needed to get the oven to 180-220degC
    • opening the door of the oven to let some heat out occasionally
  • you can cook small 9“x6” pizza slices
  • you can bake quiche, etc
  • you can bake potatoes, Mediterranean style roast vegetables, etc
  • can easily roast a boneless leg of lamb:
    • 600g will fit on 1 tray and cook in about 50-60min and you can use the other tray for veges
    • 1.2kg will require the top tray to be removed and will take about 90min to cook to well done
    • highly recommend a bluetooth meat thermometer to reduce need for opening oven door and resultant heat drop
  • easily cooks those pre-prepared dishes such as pulled pork, beef ragu, turkey wrapped in bacon, etc
  • stove jack height considerations:
    • with triple shield on top of pipe oven (but shield may be too close to stove and too warm) - max. height of shield is 1.38m - ideal stove jack height is 1.1-1.2m
    • with triple shield on top of a plain section which is on top of pipe oven which is the preferred option - min. height of shield is 1.3m - ideal stove jack is at 1.4-1.5m height
    • for extra safety you could use two triple shielded sections on top of the oven which should overcome any issues with stove jacks at only 1.3m high although the bottom shield may be a bit warm

Winnerwell Pipe Oven for Nomad large or Nomad Plus

  • as for Nomad medium below but has 3.5“ piping and is larger and much heavier
  • 7.5” x 7.5“ x 10.6” deep (19x19x27cm) internal baking area
  • 300(L) x 280(W) x 280(H) mm / 11.8(L) x 11(W) x 11(H) in
  • 6kg / 13.2lbs

Winnerwell Fastfold Oven for Nomad large or medium

  • folds flat
  • it is placed on top of the Nomad stove, thus it is only heated from below, unlike the more even heat of the pipe oven
  • glass viewing window and integrated thermometer
  • 270(L) x 330(W) x 250(H) mm / 10.6(L) x 13(W) x 9.8(H) in
  • folds flat to 270(L) x 330(W) x 75(H) mm / 10.6(L) x 13(W) x 3(H) in
  • 2.9kg / 6.3lbs

water boiler

  • sits on top of the stove and encircles the base of the chimney for boiling water
  • can then be removed and hung on the side of the stove to maintain the water simmering
  • don't fill above the handle position
  • Nomad medium size boiler
    • has 3L capacity

other cookware you may consider (not sure these work)

cooking in the oven

  • roast potatoes:
    • preheat to 220degC to get them more crispy
    • cut into 1“ or so chunks and place on aluminium tray, 30min at 200-210degC usually suffices aiming for internal temp of the potatoes to be 98-99degC
  • roast lamb:
    • can fit a 600g butterflied leg lamb in one tray and roast veges in the other tray of the Medium pipe oven
    • can fit 1.2kg butterflied leg lamb if remove one tray of the Medium pipe oven
    • use a Bluetooth meat thermometer to avoid opening and closing oven door
    • cook at around 200degC with time dependent upon weight of meat and checked with internal temperature
  • do not use olive oil in the oven, it is likely to burst into flames if it contacts oven floor - use a cooking oil with high flashpoint such as sunflower oil, or better still, safflower oil
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