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National Gallery Victoria (NGV) - Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square, Melbourne

These works are in the permanent collection at Ian Potter and thus can be photographed and it is free to enter to view them. Frederick McCubbin 1904 The Pioneer Mt Macedon depicts the pioneer's arrival with his wife, then clearing the land, the building of his hut and birth of his child, and finally the death of his wife and the rise of town life in the distance. Tom Roberts 1890 Shearing the Rams Frederick McCubbin 1886 Lost in memory of 3 lost children who wandered from their homes near Daylesford in 1866 this is one of my favourites, just love the tonings and mood as an aside, more than one of my ancestor's children were lost in the Australian forests never to be found. Jane Sutherland c1896 Field Naturalists John Longstaff 1898 Gippsland, Sunday night, Feb 20th, 1898 bushfires ravaged Gippsland in the summer of 1897-98, and Longstaff visited the area to see it at first hand. He exhibited this painting illuminated by a row of kerosene lamps to give a lurid, realistic effect. Aby Altson 1890 Flood sufferings a mother and baby are rescued during a flood Tom Roberts 1886 Coming South depicts the British immigrants coming to Australia in the mid-late 19th century Charles Condor 1888 Springtime Arthur Loureiro 1891 Spring Frederick McCubbin 1899 Autumn memories Henry Burn 1861 Swanston St from the Bridge early Melbourne, the building on the right in the shadows was the Registration Office for Births & Marriages and is now the site of Federation Square. Behind it is the original St Paul's church. To the far right is a steam train, while on the far left is the Johnson's Bridge Hotel, now Young and Jackson's Hotel. Eugene von Guerard 1871 The gold diggings at Ararat William Ford 1875 At the Hanging Rock inspired Joan Lindsay's book Picnic at Hanging Rock and Peter Weir's subsequent eerie film where schoolgirls go missing while picnicking at the rock. It's one of my favourite places in Victoria and one of the best examples of a volcanic mammelon in the world. Tom Roberts 1886 Artist's camp Box Hill, Melbourne
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