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Mceto 5m diam Pyramid / Tipi Tent


  • 5m diameter tipi tent


  • 10 sides 210T plaid 3000mm PU
  • 5m diam incl. snow skirts (4.7m door to door);
  • 2.4m high;
  • the 2 tall doors fold back to one side only;
  • a elevated vent above each door
  • stove jack with velcro removable fabric vs fireproof jack near one of the doors
    • a little too low down to comfortably have a Winnerwell Nomad Medium stove with the chimney oven (even guyed out, I think the tent may get too hot from the oven)
    • should be fine without an oven as long as you use a triple shield chimney section for the stove jack
  • ~1m central radius for head height standing;
  • centre pole is not adjustable height and the top section has a metal part from which you can hang gear
  • 4kg; packs to 56x15cm; opt. mesh inner tents;
  • whilst you get some guy rope string, you will need to make your own guy ropes up and buy extra pegs for these
  • 2023 upgraded version 3000mm 4kg, brown, green or white $AU328
    • optional inner tents
      • mesh version 1.1kg or 210D PU4000mm Oxford fabric version 1.2kg
      • 3.6m x 1.8m x 1.6m high hanging pentagon with 210D PU4000mm Oxford floor


  • 5m diameter really adds important usable space compared with the OneTigris Rock Fortress teepee style Hot Tent
  • easy and fast to set up
  • light at only 4kg and fairly compact for car camping or even for a group of overnight hikers to share the load
  • no floor so less issues with stove and also makes for faster drying out
  • hook on the centre pole can be used to hand wet clothes, inner tent, or a lantern
  • doors are higher than the OneTigris Rock Fortress teepee style Hot Tent which is nice
  • two levels of guy out points should mean it s very stable and also allows pulling the tent away from the stove.


  • does not seem as thick a material as the OneTigris Rock Fortress teepee style Hot Tent
  • centre pole is not height adjustable as it is on the OneTigris Rock Fortress teepee style Hot Tent and is not as strong but this means less weight to carry and it seems adequate
  • stove jack is a bit too low for a chimney oven - may need to use a 45deg angle section with outside pipe support
  • not supplied with pre-prepared guy ropes - only string you need to create the guy ropes from
  • not enough pegs for all the guy ropes that could be needed
  • can't peg out the snow skirt



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