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food for overnight bushwalks

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  • preparing dehydrated foods:
  • other foods:
    • dates, dried fruit, nuts
    • packet soups
    • wraps tend to last for days
    • if bringing a fry pan, pancake powder allows pancakes for breakfast
    • perishables are very dependent on temperature conditions, the below assume temperatures below 16deg C
      • NB. some places such as Tasmania's Overland Trail, have requirements such as for dehydrated food that fruit and veg are cooked
      • bacon and eggs for the first morning if kept in a cool bag
      • fresh vegetables will last a couple of days but tend to be heavy, but some like to brig them as a luxury
      • smoked fish in vacuum sealed bag should last a few days
      • Salami and chorizo both last well and don’t even need to be cooked, also vac packed prosciutto
      • cheese kept in its vacuum pack is also good for a few days - BabyBell and hard cheeses such as Parmesan last well
      • quick rice mixed with tuna, long life cream and pre-cut celery and carrot in vacuum sealed bags (stays fresh and then can be cooked at camp site - not pre-cooked)
      • vac packed steak should last 3-4 days hiking winter <14 degrees, perhaps 1 day longer if it was frozen.
      • can freeze 2L bladder of water and keep perishables next to it to make them last longer, although the water is no longer frozen in 12hrs
      • carry soft veges like tomatoes or mushrooms in your cooking pot
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